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Schwinn World Avenue One



An affordable, well-equipped hybrid bike built for commuting.

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SRAM Trigger-shift 24 speed

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Rear rack, toe clips, fenders, bell, and chainguard included.
700x28c tires

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World Avenue One

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April 2, 2008
Schwinn seems to have two totally product lines today. Don't let the ones you see at Sports Authority or Toys R Us turn you off from the brand. Schwinn's "real" bikes are a pretty solid value.

April 2, 2008
Ahem... "two totally separate product lines", that is.

April 16, 2008
Performance Bike now has this on sale for $400.

April 30, 2008
This whole commuter-oriented line is very high quality. Perfect bikes for medium commutes and errands.

June 11, 2008
I bought this bike this winter when they were on sale and started commuting on it this May after the snow and wind stopped. It fits me well (I'm 6'5'',195lbs) and gets me to work and back. I am new back to bikes so I have nothing to compare this bike to. I am amazed how much better the shifters and brakes are from my bike that I rode for excercise 25 years ago. I feel that I got a good value for my dollar spent.

February 23, 2010
I bought this bike about a year or so ago, and I love it. I can't ride it right now because it's permanently locked to my house :/(if there's a section for reviewing locks). I'm riding my roomie's sproingy MTB, and it's fun, but I miss my Avenue! We'll be back in action once I can hook up with my buddy who owns an angle grinder :::sigh::: Avenue Pros: Light (for the price point), handles beautifully, holds up to a lot of abuse (trust me on this one -- I'm kind of mean to my bikes :D). That last point is important to me -- I ride in all weather, including wintery schmutz. Clean the schmutz out of your drive train, lube your moving parts, and this bike will last for years. It's also a really nice-looking machine. Cons: Some riders may find the position a little too upright, particularly those with long upper bodies (I'm the long-legged/short-bodied type). If, like mine, yours comes wth a 21-speed drive train, some bike snobs make inform you that your 7-speed sprocket set is outmoded (don't listen to them: after all, are you racing on this machine? Probably not. It will get you to work just fine.) Also, your friends with significantly-more-expensive bikes that are no more awesome than your Avenue will harbor a secret jealousy that will slowly eat them alive. Okay, just kidding about that last part :D

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