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Giant FCR 1



I bought the 07 version of the FCR1 1 month ago with the idea of it being a commute-to-work/get-around-town/get-out-of-the-car bike and I absolutely love it. There's no appreciable difference between the '08 and '07. My commute to work is at 6.7 miles now, but will jump up to about 9 in a month, so I needed something that was capable of getting me there quickly, yet more confortably than a true road bike. This hybrid does not disappoint. I tested the Trek 7.6FX too since it's similar to the FCR1. I wasn't convinced on the Trek, though. It wasn't a good fit for me. The handlebars seemed too narrow. Given comparable prices, the Giant seemed like a better deal overall. Plus I got hte '07 at a discount, so it was a no brainer. It came standard with bar ends and shimano M505 clipless pedals (2 plusses in my view). The MSRP for an '08 is $900, which isn't too bad. I've thrown 2 Banjo Brother Grocery Panniers and some front/rear lights too. It comes with 700x26CC tires, but you can throw bigger tires on there if you want. The room is there, which is nice.

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if yer interested.

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ALUXX butted aluminum, Compact Road Design and Integrated Forged Headtube
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shimano 105 on the rear derailleur

SRAM 11-28T 9-speed.

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formulaOne Composite w/aluminum steerer
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May 1, 2008
I'd love to get one of these - I live in Hoboken NJ, and to be able to put some racks on it and use it to go to the supermarket and such. Much better than riding my 24" BMX cruiser around, that's for sure.

July 8, 2010
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