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Cannondale Vintage 8



A sophisticated and classic looking bike. Full of fascinating little details. Excellent build quality

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Upright posture.

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New 28" Rigid Ecc with internal cable routing

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SI Fatty 28" Disc specific
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Brooks leather saddle

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2008 model
2007 model

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Vintage 8

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March 29, 2008
The two keywords for the Vintage bikes are integration and weatherproof. Chains, gears, cables... all are sealed against the weather. After a few rides during the first days of Spring my chain glider and hubs were covered with dirt. However, there's no junk whatsoever on the moving parts, so the parts will last a long time even in adverse weather. The integrated rack is sturdy and works perfectly Ortlieb bags. The Vintage 8 is my favourite bike at the moment and it is hard to think of any cons. The posture might be slightly too upright for some people. The weight might turn some people off.

May 1, 2008
I am a Cannondale fan. This bike may be the next in my collection. Great classic looks.

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