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Redline R530



European styling and utility in a snazzy package.
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Compact, upright riding stance with comfort features built in.
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Aluminum in four sizes (SM-XL) and a stepthrough model.
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Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal hub, single chainring up front.
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SR/Suntour CR-8R suspension fork with 50mm of travel.
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Suspension seatpost and a Velo Plush gel-filled saddle take the sting out of rough roads. Fitted with Shimano roller brakes front and rear and comes standard with a rear rack, full-coverage fenders and a bell!
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$501 - $750
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Ghost Rider


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April 18, 2008
What a fantastic commuter bike. I would be prod to own this one.

April 23, 2008
$501-$750 Think I'd pass on this one there are so many other bikes in this price range that are more than a bike path cruzer. I have to say somthing nice about it I like the internal geared hub. This bike is a fine example of what people think is comfort and buy and after a brief ride or two quit riding and use it for a clothes hanger. Save your money and buy a real road or mountain bike. Not a dumbed down version of a bike.

Ghost Rider
April 30, 2008
Jimbo, this bike really isn't intended for long haul commutes. It is, however, an ideal around-town errand runner and "bike path cruzer". Not something I would normally have in my personal stable, but fun neighbors refer to it as "the rolling Barca-lounger".

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