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Dynamic Bicycles Sprint 7



The Sprint combines light weight with nimble handling and a wide gear range to deliver a fun, fast ride. Powered by the Shimano 7-speed hub and Dynamic’s second generation shaft drive, the Sprint is equipped with a butted 7005 Aluminum frame, aluminum front fork, 700Cx28mm tires, Alex high profile double wall rims, Velo Plush seat, drop handlebars and Tektro caliper brakes.

The Sprint is an ideal choice for recreational touring or commuting. At just 26 pounds, the Sprint feels light and responsive, and will deliver smooth pedaling and seamless shifting mile after mile. Plus, since the Sprint features our virtually maintenance free shaft drive and internal hub combination, chain repairs by the side of the road will be a thing of the past. With the Sprint, you can also ride in any kind of weather without worrying about dirt, salt or sand corroding or damaging your chain components. And if the shaft and gear hub get dirty, just hose them off of wipe them down – no more chain cleaning, adjustment and re-greasing.

With the Shimano 7-speed hub, the Sprint has a surprisingly wide gear range (36-90 gear inches), giving you gearing to tackle both hills and flats with grace and speed. Shifting is smooth and seamless, and done with a thumbshifter, conveniently located on the drop handlebar next the right brake lever. The gear indicator tells you what gear you are in all the time – no more guessing.
(From Dynamic Bicycles Website)

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17"(43cm), 19.5"(49cm), 22"(56cm), 24"(61cm)
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7005 Aluminum Frame, butted for light weight
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Shimano Nexus Inter-7 Gearing, All-internal (17-gear range)
Shimano Nexus 7-speed Thumb Shift
Dynamic Street Shaft Drive

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Alloy front fork, 45mm rake
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$501 - $750
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Official Dynamic Bicycles Sprint 7

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Sprint 7

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November 9, 2008
I owned a Dynamic Bicycles shaft drive bicycle. The Sussex shaft drive was not built to specifications that could handle the torque generated when pedaling uphill, or pedaling hard on level ground. The result was that the shaft drive was not maintenance free--in fact, it broke. I replaced it with a new shaft drive sent by Dynamic Bicycles. The new one began to break and I was told by their Production Manager that I was exceeding the specifications of the shaft drive. I received a verbal agreement from him to refund the purchase price of the bicycle. Dynamic Bicycles even took care of the return shipping for the bicycle. Once they received it, however, the president of Dynamic Bicycles told me that I had owned the bicycle longer than 30 days, so the satisfaction guarantee no longer applied. I was given the option of having my bicycle returned to me with a tightened bolt and new grease, which would supposedly fix the problem, or receiving a refund minus the cost of shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Despite phone conversations, emails and then a complaint process with the Better Business Bureau In Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont (, the president of the company would not uphold a verbal agreement stated twice and acknowledged by email. Because I do not live in Massachusetts, the state where Dynamic Bicycles is located, it made no sense for me to pursue a mediation or claim in small claims court, which would have required my presence. I will never do business with Dynamic Bicycles again, nor would I recommend doing business with Dynamic Bicycles. I am also weary of bicycles sold with shaft drives built by Sussex.

July 8, 2010
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