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Giant Giant Tran Send EX



TRAN SEND SERIES Ditch the car. Negotiate the street with the all-new Tran Send, the perfect around-town bike.
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Featuring 700c-wheel ALUXX double butted aluminum frame construction and Comfort-Designed Ideal Body Position Geometry for superior handling and metro-cruising comfort.
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ALUXX double-butted aluminum frame
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Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal drivetrain

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It has a suspension fork.

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Fenders & a rear rack.

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$751 - $1000
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Giant Tran Send EX

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April 30, 2008
This is my main bike and I love it to death. I'm typically lugging a couple heavy bags around town as I run my errands and meet with clients, and with this bike and a couple panniers I feel set. This bike feels indestructible. My only complaint would be I wish I could kick it up an extra gear or two on some occasions. Not a super fast bike but that's not what it's trying to be. It's a brilliant commuter bike.

June 2, 2008
Just as georgemandis said, this bike can use an extra gear or two. Giant lowered the gear ratio by using only a 33T crankset to make the ride smoother. I’ve changed mine to a 38T just to get that “extra gear” as I also use this bike to cross-train. I striped off all the extra parts (fenders, chain guard, rack), and it's amazing how much attention you get from other commuters.

September 9, 2008
Aleung - if you (or anyone else) would like to sell the rear rack please let me know. I've contacted Giant and they don't sell them as a separate item and I'd love to get one. Thx Chris (

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