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Giant Sedona



Nice city bike with front suspension. 

The LX version has front and seat-post suspension.

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Though solid enough as a commuter, this bike has never felt right to me.  Too much toward the mountain-bike end to be a good hybrid, I think.  Also, the disk brakes squeak on stopping and bind on turns. 

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< $300
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June 4, 2008
I have been riding this bicycle for over 2 months. Now that I ride 10-15 miles a day, I probably would have made a different choice (narrower tires, lower upper body position), but overall it has been a very good commuter. I have added a rack, fenders, lights, computer, and anything else I can fit. It is a very comfortable bike to ride and I will continue to use this as my commuting for at least the next year or two. I will probably pick up a used road bike for weekends, but when it comes to back and forth to work and daily trips, this one does the job at a good price point. Another plus, yesterday I hit a big chunk of broken glass and the puncture resistant tires worked wonderfully. I just wiped the broken glass off (with my gloves) and continued on my way, no issues.

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