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Jamis Aurora



The Aurora is Jamis' touring/commute bike and it's a great choice for people who want road bike controls and feel (drop bars, STI brifters) with options to run full fenders with front / rear racks.

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Longer chainstays to avoid heel strike on panniers
Relaxed head tube/fork trail for comfortable hours riding

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reynolds steel, two bottle cages, decent welds

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Mid-level shimano parts are not mind-blowing, but they get the job done - triple chainring (52/42/30) matched with 9-speed wider range cassette (11-32) gives low gears for hills and big cargo loads

alexrims are not a great choice. my set lasted 10,000 miles before the rear wheel fell apart.

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unicrown w/ nice braze-ons for low rider front panniers and dual eyelets so you don't have to stack up rack+fenders on the same set

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i have the 2005 model; looks like jamis has introduced an Aurora Elite model for 2008 which upgrades the componentry and swaps out the steel fork for carbon (carbon with fender eyelets? whoa...!)

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$751 - $1000
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2008 Aurora at

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May 1, 2008
Good looking bike. Are you using it for long hauls, or daily commutes? I ask cause that seems like a lot of gear for daily use...

May 6, 2008
Hey, thanks... my commute is 20 miles each way, so it's sort of a "long-haul commuter" i thought i was travelling pretty light, it's just one small Delta waterproof pannier.

July 25, 2008
I ride the Aurora and love it. My commute is short (3 miles), but I do the occasional long weekend ride, and will be doing some touring, so it is perfect for my needs. But I've had more problems with components than I have with other bikes. The Elite model sounds really nice...

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