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Yuba Mundo



Mundo Utility Bike Models

The Mundo Utility Bike is designed to promote affordable, scaleable transportation for cargo and people, particularly for developing parts of the world that rely heavily on human-powered mobility in rugged conditions. Of course, it works just as well carrying tools or supply from owrk and back. Or running errands around town. Or hauling a new piece of furniture home that you just picked up at a garage sale. Itís a bike built for anyone, anywhere.

Key features include:

Large, integrated cargo platforms for easy loading
Room to transport up to 3 passengers safely
Scaleable frame with low top tube for riders of different sizes
Reinforced dropouts for cargo or passenger transport
V-Brakes, gears.
High tensile steel frame
Reinforced rims, axles, cranks, with cargo-strength tires.

Built in partnership with experienced bicycle manufacturer Panther, Yuba combines durable, industrial-strength parts with an uncomplicated design that makes the Mundo Utility Bicycle the most efficient, cargo-carrying utility bike on the market today.

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Bicycle size: One size fits all | Wheels: 26 Inches
Length: 210 cm (6.9ft) | Weight: 27 kilos (59lbs)
Cargo capacity: volume 1.05 m3 (33.3cft) | weight 200 kilos (440lbs)
Carrier size: length 80 cm (2ft 7") width 22 cm (8.7") Sideloaders: 54 cm (1ft 9") 15cm (5.9")

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Hi-ten steel
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Crankset FC 170/38
Chainring 38
Chain Chain UG51 116 Links
Freewheel Sprocket 6 G 14-28T shimano
R/D 6 speed
Shifters Revo-Shift

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Cruiser fork D type
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Brakes V-Brake black
Brakes Lever V-Brake alloy
Rims Rim 559-21 Alu
Rear Wheel Reinforced 48 Spokes (2.34mm)
Pedal Pedal city/Trk 2K Alu
Tires Type cruiser K-1008
Tubes Thorn resistant tube
Color Red or Blue
Size One size fits all

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$751 - $1000
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June 17, 2008
My employer bought one with the intention of having me build it up for her. I'll be building it up this week and will try to take a bunch of pictures.

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