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Kona Jake the Snake



JTS is a race ready cross bike with a few lighter parts to make those grinding, uphill death marches
a little more forgetful. With less weight on your shoulder, you have the opportunity to find that
"happy place" in the back of your mind where lactic acid isn't allowed to follow. Dr. Phil approved.
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Kona 7005 Aluminum Butted

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Chainrings 36/46
B/B FSA MegaExo
Chain Shimano 105
Freewheel Shimano 105 (12-25, 10spd)
F/D Shimano 105
R/D Shimano 105
Shifters Shimano 105

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Kona Carbon Cross

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$1001 - $1500
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2008 Jake The Snake

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Jake the Snake

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May 7, 2008
I think this would make a good commuter. It has all the frame mounts for racks and fenders. unfortunately, the stock fork does not have a fender eyelets.

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