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Kronan Classic 3-speed



This is a great-looking townie commuter. Not a road bike as it is very heavy. But for getting to work in under 15 miles each way, this bike would be solid, stylish, and low-maintenance. The front and rear rack options give you carrying capacity and the design is comfortable to ride in street clothes.

Available in black, green, red, natural, and blue. For you fans of the Gary Fischer Simple City, check out the natural color.

From the Kronan website:

The design dates back to the 1940s, but Kronan bicycles are just getting started in America. The updated interpretation of this Swedish Army classic retains its traditional construction and historic charm. But with a twist or two.

We’ve added top-notch technology in gears, hub, and rear lights. All while keeping it simple, reliable, and durable.

Every Kronan comes with a rear carrier, pump and pump holder, front drum brake, dynamo light, kick-stand, individual number plate, and a bell. All standard.

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Men's diamond frame: 21.5 seat tube, 32.7 standover, 74.8 overall length tire-to-tire

Also available in a women's step-through.

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Pedal assembly

and bearings: Kinex

BLP. Right crank with

46-tooth chainwheel.


Shimano, steel.

Rear hub

1-speed Shimano.

3-speed SRAM T3



KMC 108 links.

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It has wide mudguards, durable 26” tires and a practical rear carrier with pump holder. The Kronan bicycle has both hand and pedal brakes. The frame is made of rustproofed steel, with some particularly exposed parts galvanised.

Built in Taiwan. Weight 51 lbs, 53 lbs including packaging.

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$501 - $750
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Kronan USA

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