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Raleigh Superbe Roadster



This new-for-2009 bike is a throw-back to the classic "commuter" rides Raleigh is famous for.

Very much in the model of a Superbe or Sports from the 40s-60s. But updated with a lighter frame (still steel) and an Alfine 8 speed instead of the SA 3-speed. Also has disc brakes (Shimano M416 mechanical disc ), upright position, North Roads style handlebars, and groovy fenders for "commutablity".

Throw a rack or basket on and it's an instant classic.

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Classic Steel Hybrid 
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Cranks Shimano Alfine 2pc 45t  Bottom Bracket Shimano Outboard Bearing Hubset (F) Shimano Alfine Dynamo Disc 32h (R) Shimano Alfine internal 8spd 32h  Tires: Vittoria Rondenour 700x32c 
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4130 Cro-mo Road 
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Brooks leather aged grips and B68 seat. Custom chain guard, Full fendor set, Cateye reflector set, Clear Coat, Owners Manual.
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$751 - $1000
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Raleigh Superbe Roadster (Raleigh USA)

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Superbe Roadster

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