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Trek Soho 2009



Trek's purpose-built commuter bike with a few small additions: Topeak MTX rear rack, MTX Trunk Bag, MagicShine headlight, rear blinky, and a Cateye computer.
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Upright riding position with a pronounced back sweep to the handlebars. The stock stem has quite a bit of an upward angle which brings the bars farther up than normal. This can easily be adjusted with flat bars or swapping out the stock stem.
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Alpha Black Aluminum
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A Gates Carbon Drive belt system drives a Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal gear hub. Almost a zero-maintenance setup, which is in line with this bike's intended use as an all-weather, low maintenance commuter.
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Bontrager Edge, aluminum w/lowrider mounts
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Shimano IM50, roller brake w/Tektro alloy levers (not awesome). They work, but I'd rather have (and pay for) disc brakes.
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$751 - $1000
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Trek Soho 2009

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Soho 2009

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November 4, 2009
Gotta say, great bike so far and it excels in what it's meant to do. It's a bit heavy to be a quick dual-purpose road bike, but is perfect for a commuter. My only complaint is the brakes...disc brakes please Trek!!! I love the belt drive and internal gear hub, very quiet and smooth and no maintenance at all. No chain lube, no cleaning, no dirty pant leg.

April 26, 2010
Got the 2010 version, which is almost unchanged. I use it for commuting about 30 km a day and that works fine without maintenance. However, after about 3000 km the belt started to squeak and to "hop over" under hard pressure. Got the belt and rear gearweel replaced at my dealer and it works fine again. I expected the belt to last longer than that and it may be that the first belt had to much tension (as installed by the dealer). The new belt has a much lower tension and until now it works fine.... SO, the conclusion must be: buy the bike at a dealer who knows how to handle and install belt drives correctly. P.S. my roller brakes work fine, imo no need to change that.

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