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The slice folding bike at www.melonbicycles.com is designed to take the place of conventional comfort, fitness, hybrid, or commuting bike. The bike's 20" wheels provide incredible manueverability and stability. The slice will handle, shift, and brake far better than the typical folding bike.
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An upright geometry makes the slice comfortable to ride for an extended time period-as hard or as easy as you please.
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7005 Aluminum
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The Slice is designed with and extra large front chainring (52T) that provides the gear ratios necessary to conquer any terrain with only 8 gears. The SRAM MRX Pro grip shifter makes shifting completely intuitive and fun; you click the grip away from you to go to the next higher gear and towards you to go to the next lower gear. The large numerical display by the hand grip lets you see what gear you are in at a glance.
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Folds in 15 seconds. A serious folding bike at a reasonable cost-$599.00. See the slice bike at: http://www.melonbicycles.com/Departments/Bikes.aspx
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$501 - $750
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