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kazkougarRecovering fat guy, aspiring luchadore, professioinal computer nerd and most of all a bike nut

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Redline 9-2-5
I commute every day on the 925 and chose it over the 7 speed Novara Transfer due to speed and the hope of less maintenance. I don't regret this decision. My only small gripe on the 925 is that the rear freewheel hub makes a knocking noise every now and then. Many will tell you that switching to fixie will fix this and it will however, my knees are weak enough and I'm not looking to totally destroy them anytime soon so I'll leave it freewheel and accept the noise as part of my bike's personality. My LBS sells this bike (2007 model) with drop bars as opposed to the factory 'stache bars- I prefer the drops!

Peugeot P6 (1984)
Brandt, Check http://www.retropeugeot.com Browse thru the old catalogs there. They may be able to tell you more about your bike.

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Redline D440
Peugeot P6 (1984)

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Redline 9-2-5
Peugeot P6 (1984)