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jdmitchSoon to be bike-commuter... still deciding on a bike...

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Specialized Globe Centrum Elite IG3
Tried this out at my LBS (a large, rather nicely stocked shop that primarily deals in Specialized and Electra) yesterday. The Centrum IG3 or Sport was already on my short list, for my rather short daily commute. After the test ride, this has certainly crept up on my short list. I was able to climb hills similar to the ones that will be on my commute relatively simply, bikes felt nice and responsive, and relatively fast. Of course, it's been ages since I've been on a bike, much less a non-Walmart one... so it may be that I'm simply easily impressed. So, I'll definitely be checking some others out in my area.

Osobikes OSO Bike
Appealing in the same way that the Swobo Folsom is. A simple knock-around bike. Steel rather than Aluminum, which is nice.

Redline 9-2-5
The 925 is on my short list of bikes I'm looking at for my 4-mile relatively flat commute to work. Beautiful and clean-looking bike.

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Specialized Globe Centrum Elite IG3
Specialized Globe Centrum Sport
Masi Soulville
Swobo Novak
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Specialized Globe Centrum Elite IG3
Osobikes OSO Bike
Redline 9-2-5