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delzeyMTBer, roadie, occassional commuter, student

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Soma Fabrications Smoothie ES
One of our local shop owners has one of these frames built up as a roadie- I must say it's one sweet looking frame!! The welds are immaculate. The fit and finish is a work of art. I'd imagine it would be great built up as a commuter as well.

Raleigh Rush Hour
Great bike- nice frame. I haven't had the bottom bracket issues, and I leave mine in the weather way too much. Though for commuting, you may want to change out the the drivetrain; it's set up for the track, for sure. I'm now running a 44x17 fixed and it's great for the short hills around town. I'd definitely recommend it for short runs around town; if I had it to do over I'd opt for something I could have dedicated fenders and rack on. However, for the fenders, I've been using the Planetbike SpeedEZs (Road), and they work great! But this isn't a bike I wouldn't own- it's too much fun in town!!

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Soma Fabrications Smoothie ES
Raleigh Rush Hour