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timgrahlI run the Crooked Cog Network and am one hellavu programmer. I'm a bike commuter and advocate of all types of cycling but prefer the big wheels. Check out for more...

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Raleigh One Way
Depends... I road one for awhile and switched from fixed back to freewheel singlespeed. I got tired always turning the damn pedals. As far as singlespeeding goes, that's depends on personal preference and your terrain. If you have a lot of hills around you better be ready to stand and grind a lot, however the simplicity and ease of maintenance are nice.

Redline 9-2-5
My 9-2-5 has the mustache handlebars and I think they are much better option that the bullhorns as I've now used both.

Bianchi San Jose
That's a nice looking bike. Does anyone know if that's one Sky Yaeger did before leaving Bianchi?

Raleigh One Way
With a Brooks saddle and Brooks bar tape... this has got to be one of the hotter commuter bikes on the market.

Surly Big Dummy
I've been riding one of these for a week now and am very impressed. I haven't been able to max out how much I can carry on it yet.

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Redline 9-2-5
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