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kokorozashiThe brief details: 32, male, located in Louisville (where we've had far colder temps and more winter schmutz than usual, this year). I love commuting by bike (especially going downhill really fast, and also beating my friends that drive :D).
The long details: I've been commuting to work by bike on and off for roughly as long as I've been working.
The best bike I've owned was a nicely-fitted GT Arette -- an older cro-moly frame that was brilliantly light, stiff, and fast (and red: my favorite color). The worst was a Magna, purchased from Wal-Mart as a stop-gap -- one of 2 bikes I have destroyed while in action (the other was a comparable Huffy). However, that bike was also red, so it wasn't all bad!
My current stable includes one Schwinn Avenue (mine) and one Schwinn S60 DSX (my roomie's). I'm planning on adding a refurbished beater that I can tinker with -- I want to improve my bike-mechanicing skills, which are currently limited to the basics (fixing/replacing brake-related bits; minor drive train adjustments).
The sproingy S60 DSX is a heck of a lot of fun to ride (and remarkably easy on the muscles for a behemoth of untold weight! -- hooray super-easy gearing!), but I still love my Avenue. Unfortunately, right now, it's permanently locked to my house /: This is, btw, the result of a faulty Kryptonite lock -- I have now had two bad Kryptonites, while my OnGuard locks are 2 years old and still going strong. Guess which brand will be replacing the Kryptonite?
I plan to rectify the permanently-locked problem shortly by bribing a friend of mine who owns an angle grinder and an acetylene torch. Fortunately, my bike is registered, so at least if anyone calls the cops during this process, I have proof it's mine ^-^
My daily commute, at the moment, is only 4 miles each way, so I'm considering getting up earlier so I can enjoy more ride-time (and less traffic o_o'). I ride in all weather, which makes me feel kind of awesome, since we have a lot of so-called 'serious' cyclists around here who don't seem to bike outdoors if it's below 40 F. I'm guessing their total lack of insulating fat may be the problem -- fortunately, I've got that one solved :D
My longest daily commute was 15 beautiful miles each way, and I'd love to have another like it (my current one is largely urban, and a little harrowing at times). My shortest was less than 2. I rode anyway (why not?). I live 10 minutes by foot from the grocery store, and I ride that, too. I just love riding bikes.
Current goals include putting together a group of like-minded bike geeks to fix up and donate used bikes and biking-safety classes to people who might not otherwise ride -- like families in need, broke college students, and people who are intimidated by what they might perceive as a somewhat-exclusive culture of 'serious' cyclists.
When I'm not riding my bike, I work in software/web development. As of fall, I'll be back in school pursuing a DVM, with plans to concentrate in large animal medicine (I know -- it's going to be hard to haul all those vet tools on my bike: guess I'll have to buy a bakfiets or a longtail or something ^-^).
Pictures forthcoming!

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I bought this bike about a year or so ago, and I love it. I can't ride it right now because it's permanently locked to my house :/(if there's a section for reviewing locks). I'm riding my roomie's sproingy MTB, and it's fun, but I miss my Avenue! We'll be back in action once I can hook up with my buddy who owns an angle grinder :::sigh::: Avenue Pros: Light (for the price point), handles beautifully, holds up to a lot of abuse (trust me on this one -- I'm kind of mean to my bikes :D). That last point is important to me -- I ride in all weather, including wintery schmutz. Clean the schmutz out of your drive train, lube your moving parts, and this bike will last for years. It's also a really nice-looking machine. Cons: Some riders may find the position a little too upright, particularly those with long upper bodies (I'm the long-legged/short-bodied type). If, like mine, yours comes wth a 21-speed drive train, some bike snobs make inform you that your 7-speed sprocket set is outmoded (don't listen to them: after all, are you racing on this machine? Probably not. It will get you to work just fine.) Also, your friends with significantly-more-expensive bikes that are no more awesome than your Avenue will harbor a secret jealousy that will slowly eat them alive. Okay, just kidding about that last part :D

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