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Our mission at Commute By Bike is to provide you with the knowledge, reviews, tips and how to advice for your commuting endeavors.

History :

Commute By Bike has been active since the spring of 2005.  All the contributors to this site have a wealth of experience and commuting history.  We believe that bicycles can solve many of the worlds issues, relieve stress, and great a healthy lifestyle.

Product Review Process :

If your target market is commuters, recreational riders, or products that could better someone’s commute and daily bike ride, then this site is the perfect targeted audience for your business.

Commute By Bike is one of the leading Websites and resource for commuting, utility cycling, and daily bike riding.  In search engine ranking we rank high for many targeted searches:

  • Bike commuting
  • How to ride your bike more and your car less
  • News and events around bike friendly cities

Commute by Bike no longer accepts banner ads, but your products can still reach our large audience through featured product reviews.
Commute by Bike has a large network of cyclist reviewers all over the country who thoroughly and objectively test and review commuting and cycling specific products.

All reviews are for no less than six weeks, unless noted in review.  Payment for the reviews is not allowed, regardless of monetary or product based.  We do our best to provide an unbiased review platform that may be brutal at times but we are brutal on our product as commuters.

Please read our review disclaimer.

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