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Thoughts on the passing of an icon

5 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Emilie Bahr
Karen McKeachie, photo: Tom Demerly

A couple Fridays ago, I got a call from a friend in the middle of the day. I thought the timing odd given his busy work schedule, but because I was participating in a webinar, I let the call go to voice mail and sent him a text message asking what was up. The words that popped up on my cell phone screen sent a chill down my spine. "My aunt was biking this morning and a motorist hit her and killed her," he wrote. It was a sad introduction to a phenomenal woman I will never have the opportunity to meet. It turns out my friend's aunt wasn't just anyone out for a leisurely ride when the worst possible thing happened. Her ...


An Ode to Laborers on Two Wheels

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Wesley Cheney
Author Wesley Cheney sweats on a sultry summer day to deliver piping' hot Jamaican patties (in a kilt).

Let us now praise Sweaty Men and Women;

All hail the Bicycle Courier,

Who is fast on feet and two wheels,

Bringing us coffee and sandwiches and beer.

  Three cheers for the bike messengers of the world, the "cyclo-laborers." While we cower in climate-controlled cubicles, they brave the sun and rain, the light and dark, the heat and the cold. They sweat, so we don't have to. Our recreation is their vocation. We ride for pleasure. They ride for profit. We ride when we want to. They ride because they have to. We get to sit out rainy days. They get to ride twice as far in the rain, and make twice as ...


Ortlieb Micro Saddle Bag… Not your Grandpa’s Saddle Bag!

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Brian Mueller
Ortlieb Micro Saddle Bag… Not your Grandpa’s Saddle Bag!

The Micro Saddle Bag from Ortlieb is the perfect small saddle bag for the daily commuter. Enough from for a Tube, couple of Co2's, tire lever, small multi tool and a Co2 chuck this is all you need for your daily ride. This is a minimalist bag, so if you need to carry more than 36 cubic inches you will need to find something more robust. The Micro saddle bag is perfect for people who need a small easy to access bag that will only store the flat tire repair items. If youre in the market for a small quick release waterproof saddle bag the Micro is a perfect choice. You riding that bike with 4.7" on it? No, 4.8" ...


Oh God, I have a flat! And I have a trailer and some angry children staring at me….

2 Comments Topics: Family Cycling Written by carissa sipp
My current tool pack

I started out with the mindset to write solely about Burley D'Lite trailer maintenance. I kept however returning to the idea that the day to day maintenance of all trailers AND bikes are some common. The basic care, tools and checklist is really what is so important and not enough people discuss this other than, maybe your user manual and who reads these, really :)? I finally changed my mind on the topic when, recently, I had that lovely opportunity to change omy rear bike tire (the worst tire to get a flat) when hauling the kids back and forth to school. This was on one of those days almost too hot too ride but without a car not really an ...


Tandem Living

7 Comments Topics: Bike Touring Written by Matt Maynard
Sometimes a stoker wants to ride shotgun

The deal was quick. Cash in hand. I picked up the second-hand tandem from a carpark on the London ring road in the summer of 2012. It was an oppressively warm afternoon by English standards, the break rubber toasting against the rims as I rolled the machine down to the railway station. Getting a tandem onto a train is not an easy task. I was scolded when stepping onto the first one; the driver telling me over the tannoy to remove myself and my vehicle with a tone reserved only for beyond-hope incompetents. Yet I got lucky with the second, quickly learning that a tandem must be held parallel to the platform edge so the inbound train driver is not alerted to ...


Cruising with Croozer at Interbike

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Matt Duffin
Cruising with Croozer at Interbike

Croozer another one of our favorites bike child trailers! Croozer makes child trailers easy to buy because it's a 3-n-1 trailer, it comes with everything you need to got outside! It comes with a Cycling kit, jogging kit and strolling kit. What else do you need? The new Croozer click and cruise makes this even easier. Croozer has really put a lot of thought into making a trailer that easy to use in your busy life. Seriously this is huge. Check out the Video below and see the features for yourself. We have the new Croozer Click and Cruise Bike Child Trailers, its the first no QR system as seen here on the Jogger kit, it's QR free, easy to ...