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Cruising with Croozer at Interbike

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Matt Duffin
Cruising with Croozer at Interbike

Croozer another one of our favorites bike child trailers! Croozer makes child trailers easy to buy because it's a 3-n-1 trailer, it comes with everything you need to got outside! It comes with a Cycling kit, jogging kit and strolling kit. What else do you need? The new Croozer click and cruise makes this even easier. Croozer has really put a lot of thought into making a trailer that easy to use in your busy life. Seriously this is huge. Check out the Video below and see the features for yourself. We have the new Croozer Click and Cruise Bike Child Trailers, its the first no QR system as seen here on the Jogger kit, it's QR free, easy to ...


What’s in an appraisal form? Evidence the real estate industry hasn’t caught onto the demand for walkable, bikeable places

3 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Emilie Bahr
Our house the day we  bought it.

When my husband and I set out to buy our first home together last year, we were pretty shocked to find out just how little we could afford in our rapidly-gentrifying city. Gone are the days in New Orleans where you could find a peeling shotgun for a steal. Despite sluggish economic times elsewhere in the state, the real estate market here is going gangbusters, to the point where my husband and I started to worry that the only places we would be able to afford would be found out in the suburbs. This, however, wasn't an option for us. As fairly typical members of our generation, we have long been enchanted by the trappings of city life and more than willing ...


No helmet? No problem. Seattle’s bike share includes helmet workaround

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Emilie Bahr
A Pronto bike station near downtown Seattle.

I'm in Seattle visiting family this week and getting a much-welcomed reprieve from the summer heat back home. It's been a few years since I last visited the Emerald City, and one of the first changes I spotted upon disembarking from the ferry terminal the other day was the stations filled with lime green Pronto bikes along the Puget Sound.  


A Brief, Illustrated History of the Bicycle at War, Part 1: Boers on Bikes

1 Comment Topics: Utility Cycling Written by Wesley Cheney
The Bicyclist Always Gets Through.

"A Bike, A Bike, My Free-State for a Bike!"

The utility of any invention is most tested when it is put to war, and the bicycle is no exception. Like any invention, mankind was quick to press the bicycle into making war. After all, here was a vehicle that gave a man the mobility of a horse, but for only the fraction of the cost, fodder and water. Never mind the steam train, the bicycle was the true Horse of Steel.


Dutch Auction Style Closeouts: 5% MORE Off the Price Every Month

No Comments Topics: Shop Updates Written by Josh Lipton
Dutch Auction Style Closeouts: 5% MORE Off the Price Every Month

To really clear out these closeouts, we're experimenting with a new technique. We have the closeouts for our 5 departments listed on the following 5 closeout pages: Bags Trailers Accessories Apparel Components At the start of each month, every closeout will be: increased by 5% We will keep doing this every month until all items are cleared out. We're very much using the style of the Dutch Auction. We're putting the psychological sales pressure on you. Should you buy now while the item is still in stock or wait until next month when the price drops, but risk it being sold out? Its important to note that their will be a floor to the pricing between 50% and 75% on all products. So what's the story ...


Have Bike AND Kids- want to travel!

1 Comment Topics: Family Cycling Written by carissa sipp
They have no idea the effort :)

So, my husband and I want to travel for our last summer hurrah! You know, in Tucson, before school starts it is HOT! We have one last chance to experience the beach and cooler weather possibly before the kids head off and life, well, gets even crazier all over again! And you definitely know you need a vacation when the kids are climbing into the cabinets... An amazing site that basically contains an 'all-in-one' source for traveling with bike, Bikabout, enables you to have a nice single point of reference for planning your 2-wheeled vacation. From here you have access to cities that want your tourism by bike and the ability to book a hotel or airbnb. In addition to this, there is ...