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Dutch Auction Style Closeouts: 5% MORE Off the Price Every Month

No Comments Topics: Shop Updates Written by Josh Lipton
Dutch Auction Style Closeouts: 5% MORE Off the Price Every Month

To really clear out these closeouts, we're experimenting with a new technique. We have the closeouts for our 5 departments listed on the following 5 closeout pages: Bags Trailers Accessories Apparel Components At the start of each month, every closeout will be: increased by 5% We will keep doing this every month until all items are cleared out. We're very much using the style of the Dutch Auction. We're putting the psychological sales pressure on you. Should you buy now while the item is still in stock or wait until next month when the price drops, but risk it being sold out? Its important to note that their will be a floor to the pricing between 50% and 75% on all products. So what's the story ...


Have Bike AND Kids- want to travel!

1 Comment Topics: Family Cycling Written by carissa sipp
They have no idea the effort :)

So, my husband and I want to travel for our last summer hurrah! You know, in Tucson, before school starts it is HOT! We have one last chance to experience the beach and cooler weather possibly before the kids head off and life, well, gets even crazier all over again! And you definitely know you need a vacation when the kids are climbing into the cabinets... An amazing site that basically contains an 'all-in-one' source for traveling with bike, Bikabout, enables you to have a nice single point of reference for planning your 2-wheeled vacation. From here you have access to cities that want your tourism by bike and the ability to book a hotel or airbnb. In addition to this, there is ...


Surlys Front Rack… The Cattle Pusher of Bike Racks!

No Comments Topics: Bike Touring, Commute By Bike, Utility Cycling Written by Brian Mueller
Surlys Front Rack… The Cattle Pusher of Bike Racks!

Surly makes a front bike rack so stout it could double as a cattle pusher on an F-450! Seriously, this is not a rack for someone wanting to save weight but rather a huge front rack that you can load up with up to 70 pounds of gear. Not only can you carry your panniers, there is plenty of room to load a 12 pack on the top platform. If you need a big, beefy front rack look no further, the Surly Front rack is your huckleberry. Hi Brian with Bike Shop Hub here today to talk about a bike rack and a front bike rack. I am not talking about one of those little dainty low rider racks. I am ...


Bike Tour Buddy

2 Comments Topics: Bike Touring Written by Matt Maynard
Zack Gorstein and I inspect the next Alpine pass after a night of rain during our journey from the UK to Slovenia.

An old friend from university sent me an email in mid 2014. He'd got wind I was planning a bike trip from Vancouver to Mexico and put out a feeler to see if he could come along. So, without wanting to cut him out, I did what any reasonable type A person would do and sent him a three page document titled "How I Like To Roll." It was a meandering, pretentious string of ideas, entirely void of the easy going lifestyle I believed bicycle touring had endowed me with. Sadly, yet not unsurprisingly, Pete never did come on that trip. Today I think that whilst I missed out on a great adventure with a friend; when Pete opened that Word doc, ...


La. lawmaker to cyclists: Keep off the streets

8 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Emilie Bahr
One of the many "ghost bikes" erected around New Orleans to memorialize people killed while riding their bikes.

I live in Louisiana, a place that carries the ignominious designation of being one of the most dangerous places to walk or bicycle in the country. We're in good company in the Sun Belt and in the Deep South in particular which, with certain important exceptions, is especially hostile to non-motorized transportation. Part of the problem relates to inadequate infrastructure, the legacy of 1950s-era sprawling development patterns that presumed modern lives would be eternally dependent on the eternal combustion engine. Cities and towns built upon high-speed highways, with strict segregation of residential and commercial land uses -- the pattern of most American cities constructed after World War II -- tend to require significant retrofitting in order to accommodate more recent growth ...


To Bike and Protect: Cops Bike for the Common Good

No Comments Topics: Utility Cycling Written by Wesley Cheney
Scorcher Copper to the Rescue! Bicycle-mounted Policeman stops run-away horse team.

Cops on bikes? It sounds like a Monty Python skit, to be sure. But what could be more utilitarian than bike cops? If the purpose of police is to protect and serve, and if the bicycle is the vehicle that allows police more contact with the community and more opportunity to fight crime, then why aren't there more cops on bikes? Luckily, more and more police departments in the 21st Century are coming around to a 19th Century idea: cops on bikes do more to protect the common good. Bicycles and professional police came of age together in the 1800s. As the Industrial Revolution took hold in Europe and America during the first half of Queen Victorias reign, large numbers of ...