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#Trending in 2015: The Mobile Bike Shop

2 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Stacey Moses
#Trending in 2015: The Mobile Bike Shop

Mobile bike shops are an important industry trend to watch in 2015, reported Fred Clements, the executive director of the National Bicycle Dealers Association, on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News earlier this year. Humbly, I admit that Commute By Bike predicted this trend many moons ago, when I first wrote about CycloMend in 2013 and Josh mentioned Beeline Bikes in 2014. However, since we wrote about these modest startups, what was then a great idea has transformed into a legitimate business model that is now being executed by experienced independent bicycle dealers and well-qualified mechanics all over the country.If you are not familiar with the concept of mobile bike shops, it is exactly what it sounds like - a bicycle ...


Bone Conduction Headphones: Safe, Legal or Reckless?

7 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Stacey Moses
Source: AfterShokz

If you do a quick search for earbuds or headphones on Commute by Bike, you likely will not be surprised to learn that we cover the controversial topic of cycling with headphones about once a year. Posts appear on CBB as early as 2006 to discuss the logic and legality of riding while wearing sound-restricting devices. At this point, starting a conversation about this divisive issue is a bit like running a story about the Kardashians on the cover of Us Weekly - you've heard it all before. Or you couldn't care less. But, secretly, you just have to know what the latest gossip is.(Please keep reading. Despite my clever analogy, this article contains more useful information and less revealing ...


On My Radar: The Garmin Varia

6 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Stacey Moses
Image Source: DC Rainmaker

"If you're one of millions of cyclists, you know every time you saddle up, anything can happen." That, according to Garmin's promotional video, is why you need the Varia Rearview Radar, scheduled for release this fall. Before watching the promotional video that likely had the working title "Fear Sells," I present you with a brief, unbiased product description. There are other factors that could call the effectiveness of the Varia into question. How does the radar react in an urban environment, when there is a constant stream of traffic approaching from behind? What about riding in a group or amongst other commuters? What about riding around a sharp curve in the road? For the record, I am not a Luddite. I love ...


Vision Zero: The Plan to Eliminate Road Fatalities

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Stacey Moses

Back in 1997, Sweden adopted the concept of Vision Zero. The Swedish approach to road safety is a straightforward and powerful initiative that can be summarized in a single sentence: No loss of life is acceptable.Admittedly, when I first started learning about Vision Zero, which has been gaining traction in European countries as well as in many cities in the United States, I was skeptical. Achieving zero traffic fatalities sounds a bit like the advocate's version of a beauty pageant contestant's wish of achieving world peace. However, after digging in to the results in Sweden and in cities in the US that have adopted Vision Zero, it is clear that the initiative is having an impact.Those statistics are promising for ...


Mixed Bag: How I Really Feel About the McBike Bag

4 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Stacey Moses

Once again, it's been awhile since my last contribution to Commute by Bike. Loyal readers of this wonderful blog may remember some of my posts from years past, which range from insightful (I hope) to asinine (I suspect). I could not, however, miss an opportunity to write about one of the most important recent developments in bicycle commuting: the McBike bag.Now that I've recapped what you likely already know, I'll get to my point. Theres a very good chance that the McBike bag is just another brilliant marketing campaign put forth by McDonalds in order to generate brand buzz. If that's the case, the fast food giants plan is working wonderfully; I've typed McBike bag seven times already in this ...


Introducing the Wandertec TUBA Cargo Trailer

6 Comments Topics: Utility Cycling Written by Josh Lipton
Introducing the Wandertec TUBA Cargo Trailer

Our long-time readers might remember our Kickstarter project from 3 years ago focused around the Wandertec TUBA. The project didn't fund which meant that rather than quickly launching this new product to fill the pre-orders, it became a backburner project, worked on at a gradual and organic pace. The TUBA Has Finally Arrived Well after all of this time, I am proud to say that we've finally brought this thing to market. The Wandertec TUBA is a bike cargo trailer designed for everday local use. It is a product designed to fit a gap in the market. At we're very familiar with smaller bike trailers like the Burley Nomad and BOB Trailers. These are great for small jobs and bike touring. ...