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Fall Inventory Reduction Sale – Bike Bags & Child Accessories

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It's not a gimmick. We really can't advertise our inventory reduction prices. It would make the manufacturers unhappy (and we don't like to make them unhappy).Here's what you do:1. Go to the inventory reduction page on any of our specialty shops, such as:Bike Bag ShopBike Kid Shop2. Find something you like. (You will.)3. Click the link that says "Reduced Pricing Available."

Use the form to tell us you'd like to know the inventory reduction price, and we will e-mail it to you instantly.If instantly is longer than you can wait, then call ...


Leslie & John’s Thoughts on Ortlieb

No Comments Topics: Shop Updates Written by Ted Johnson
Leslie & John’s Thoughts on Ortlieb

We're always happy to hear from our customers, and we'd love to see photos from the trip. Thanks Leslie and John! And enjoy your tour!Hi everyone at Bike Shop Hub,John and I are putting together our gear for a month's bike ride around Ireland. We ordered the Ortlieb Classic Rollers (rear) panniers and couldn't be happier. They're easy to pack; large open mouth, stand up on their own, and are of great quality. I also love how easy they are to put on and take off the rack. We bought the yellow and red packs, eliminates the black hole problem.We also purchased the medium classic handlebar bag. It holds our phones, cameras, wallets and more without the threat of them ...



1 Comment Topics: Video Written by Melanie Colavito

Sometimes you just need to play with shapes and turn them into different kinds of bikes. That is exactly what this great bicycle animation called Velo by Motionlab does. I discovered it over at Bike Hugger. It's a perfect video for one of those days when you just need something short, simple, and sweet. Enjoy.VELO from MOTIONLAB on Vimeo.


David’s “Little Red Trailer”

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David’s “Little Red Trailer”

In David's own words:About six years ago I decided I would turn the resources of my display business towards making affordable cargo trailers during off-peak times. The next idea was to try to make them out of as much recycled material as possible. After thinking "how hard could it be?" I spent the next six years finding out it's not that easy. However, after a lot of polishing I now have rugged affordable and useful product.Check out David's "Little Red Trailer" on their facebook page. Also check out our review of the "Little Red Trailer" on Commute by Bike.


Cher is ‘Sic of these IDIOTS’ (Friday Roundup)

10 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Ted Johnson
Cher is ‘Sic of these IDIOTS’ (Friday Roundup)

For those of you who don't follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, Google Plus, etc.: Are you working or something? This is a roundup of some of the things we saw fit to share with our less productive readers over the last seven days:

Cher the Road This one requires a little context: First, Cher tweeted this:

I heard about it when Cyclelicious posted this to Facebook:

And I responded directly to Cher's Twitter account:

I'm sure she was devastated. You know how entertainers hate attention. More on Cher's tweetrant here.


Modifying the Bionx Default Settings

No Comments Topics: Forum Written by Josh Lipton

Via E-mail: I bike currently on a Trek 700 Navigator 2011 with BionX G2 controller. This bike has an adjusted speed of 25 km/h in Europe. I would like to increase the speed to 35-40 km/h. What opportunities do I have with my current set or what is needed to achieve this adaptation. With BionX G1 and G2 controllers, there are five programming modes/codes for the user. These modes allow you to adapt the system to your bike, your preferences, and the regional units of measurement (miles or kilometers). All other BionX codes are intended for authorized BionX dealers. This includes modes that can turn off the maximum throttle speed and the maximum assist speed. When this mode is on (which it ...