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Weeehooooo: Check out the New Products by Weehoo.

No Comments Topics: Family Cycling Written by Matt Duffin
Weeehooooo: Check out the New Products by Weehoo.

WEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOO! We went to Vegas Interbike Bicycle show and boy was it amazing! If you've never been it's a giant collection of bicycle manufacturers or a GIANT TOY STORE OF BICYCLES GOODIES (and Beer). Interbike is a great way for companies to preview new products to businesses and consumers. One of our favorite companies is Weehoo and they always have great products to display. In this Video Jeff from Weehoo talks about the new 2016 Weehoo Bike Child Trailers and shows off some of the newest features of Weehoo! And checkout our sale on Weehoo Trailer going on now through May 29th, 2016. Weehoo iGo Blast. Hey, Brian, Matt and Dylan! Hows it going guys! Hey all Customers of! It's Jeff over at ...


Don’t sweat the heat: 7 tips for pedaling through the warmer months

2 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Emilie Bahr
A group of friends bikes along Bayou St. John in New Orleans.

I write this in early April, at the dawn of the most pleasant of New Orleans seasons - one filled with festivals, halcyon days of extended sunlight ideal for strolling and chatting with neighbors over beers on front porches and crawfish boils. It's a time when the cool lingering in the air lends itself to throwing open windows to allow in the sweet smells of blooming gardenias and jasmine and the sounds of the second line a few blocks away. And it's one of the best times of the year for biking. To that end, I've mined the expertise of several heat-and-humidity-hardened bicyclist friends and combined them with tips of my own in the hopes of helping you keep pedaling through ...


Ortlieb 2016 Product Updates

No Comments Topics: Bike Touring, Commute By Bike Written by Brian Mueller
Ortlieb 2016 Product Updates

Josh and Ian go over the new products and product updates for Ortlieb's 2016 line. Take some time to check out some exciting new products as well as some product updates from Ortlieb. Ian explains in depth what has changed for 2016 as well as feature changes for existing item. Hi, Ian Strakal Interbike 2016. Here we are at the Ortlieb booth going over some new items. Here are a couple of different bags that are in our urban line. Both the reporter and commuter bags are not available in a polyester and some different color waves. Technically they are identical to versions in the urban line except they are a little more colorful, speaking of the urban line. Here we ...


Cyclovia and National Bike Month!

No Comments Topics: Family Cycling Written by carissa sipp
National Bike Month Courtesy National Bike League

May is National Bike Month so I only see it fitting to write a little about events taking place to strengthen the bicycle community and with that, biking families. As author Russell Anderson so eloquently states 'Bike riding is great for family involvement. It's something fun to bring everyone together.' Within National Bike Month are 3 very important main events: Bike to School Day (Find your school/Register An Event) An amazing opportunity to motivate youth and their families to ride together to school. Sponsored by National Center for Safe Routes to School. IF that were not enough, by participating in an event you can enter to win a bike! Nothing better than that! Enjoy and spread the word. Mother's Day Ride (Register/Find An Event) This ...


My mom, a quiet urban revolutionary

No Comments Topics: Family Cycling Written by Emilie Bahr
The author and her mother.

As a newly-anointed mother who has recently tapped the never-ending wellsprings of maternal generosity found in my mother and mother-in-law, I find myself much more nostalgic this Mothers Day than most. Thus, it is only fitting that I deposit a few words here about a remarkable woman who in addition to being an extraordinary mother happens to have helped to inspire my current perspective on bicycling in the most basic of ways. Emilie Bahr is an urban planner and writer who lives in New Orleans. She is the author of the book Urban Revolutions: A Womans Guide to Two-Wheeled Transportation. Follow her on Twitter at @EmilieBahr.


Burley D’Lite Bike Child Trailer Year End Review: Big Tex Style.

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Matt Duffin
Burley D’Lite Bike Child Trailer Year End Review: Big Tex Style.

And we are back! Big Tex! But all jokes aside, the Burley D'lite is a great trailer for anyone looking to start using a kids trailer.The suspension is a huge plus because it makes the trailer "jar" a little less if you decide to ride on rough roads. One thing I personally love about the D'lite is within 5 mins of getting it at home, I have to it together and out riding within 10 mins of getting delivered. I'm Big Tex Matt Duffin and I'm here today with some extraordinary deals from The deals are on the Burley D'Lite Trailers. We've got the 2015 Burley D'Lite Bike Child Trailer right here and the 2016 Burley D'lite Bike Child Trailer ...