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Taking off on cycle tours

2 Comments Topics: Bike Touring Written by Matt Maynard
Taking off on cycle tours

"I'd often dreamed of going West to see the country, always vaguely planning and never taking off " Jack Kerouac There was a thick red line running north through South America, projected onto my classroom whiteboard. After 2,000 miles the planned bike route doglegged east over the Andes mountains. It then continued across the Argentinian Pampas towards Paraguay before arcing back again through the Altiplano of Bolivia. It formed, I realized, a great big question mark over the South American continent - the unintended metaphor not all lost on my 10th Grade English class. "I am quitting my job to go on an adventure," I told them, and, looking over my shoulder for inspiration from the big red question mark, "adventuring means ...


Big Tex Matt Duffin Presents: The Thule Coaster Bike Trailer!

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Matt Duffin
Big Tex Matt Duffin Presents: The Thule Coaster Bike Trailer!

Ever get those local car sales commercials in your area? You know the super cheesy ones? Ever wonder what it would look like if a bike shop did the same thing? Well, you can stop wondering and watch the video below. You might be disappointed. So I set the bar super low. The Thule Coaster and Coaster XT are two great bike child trailers that are a gateway product into the realm of cycling with your kids! It's a nice entry level trailer that is easy to set up and get your family outside and enjoying a ride.   Hi, I'm Big Tex Matt Duffin and I'm here with these crazy Thule Trailers From We're slashing prices right now on this Thule Coaster ...


Thoughts on the contagiousness of biking ahead of National Bike Month

2 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Emilie Bahr
Bicycles outside One Shell Square in New Orleans. Photo by Ben Kora.

"Contagiousness is an unexpected property of all kinds of things, and we have to remember that if we are to recognize and diagnose epidemic change." -Malcolm Gladwell A couple weeks ago, I had dinner with a woman I hadn't met before who told me she'd recently started biking to work. My ears perked up at this news as they always tend to whenever bicycling is injected into a conversation. I knew this woman was a lawyer, but when I asked about the specifics of where she worked, we both broke into smiles. Shell, she told me. Yes, that Shell. She went on to explain that the offices of the Dutch-owned company in downtown New Orleans were filled with ardent bike commuters, many ...


OMM Bike Racks are so cool… you’ll feel like you’re riding with a constant tail wind!

No Comments Topics: Bike Touring, Commute By Bike Written by Brian Mueller
OMM Bike Racks are so cool… you’ll feel like you’re riding with a constant tail wind!

Old Man Mountain has been creating solutions for bikes that previously could not accommodate front and rear racks for 20 years! Hand made by master welder and all around super dude Channing Hammond OMM racks can fit virtually any bike. Having the option to add a rack to almost any bike and create a daily commuter, lightweight touring rig or bike packing adventure bike is a huge bonus. OMM makes a fit kit that will adapt a Pioneer or Sherpa to fit any wheel size or axle type. So, bring on your 13 pounds carbon road rock or fully suspended trail hound, we have a rack solution for you! Hi, Brian with Bike Shop Hub here today to talk about, well, ...


The Many Racks of Dobie Gillis

5 Comments Topics: Utility Cycling Written by Wesley Cheney
Perhaps the most famous bike rack of all.

Putting a rack on a bike is a pragmatic statement of utility. It separates the practical peddlers from the the casual or competitive cyclists. It says, I'm going somewhere, and I need to bring more stuff than I can just stuff in my pockets or comfortably carry in a backpack. It says, I'm less worried about looking fast than looking good when I get there. Whether you're buying a pair of tires, a set of panniers, or a cargo rack for your bike you must choose between low price, long-term reliability and low weight. You cant have all three. Cheap and reliable racks are heavy. Lightweight and reliable racks are expensive. And cheap, lightweight price racks are unreliable. But a weak, ...


Meet Joe’s Lawnmower Bike Cart

1 Comment Topics: Utility Cycling Written by Wesley Cheney
Joe pedals his bike and handmade cart to his next lawn job in Ocean View, Virginia.

It's a sight you don't see everyday- A guy riding a Walmart mountain bike, with an oversized, lopsided cart strapped to the back of his bike. He's hauling a lawnmower, a weedwacker a broom, a big red cooler, a 5-gallon bucket, a couple of gas cans and a backpack. Joe rides his bike from one yard to the next and cuts grass in Ocean View, a neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia. Joe's license has been suspended since his last DUI, but you gotta be real drunk to get pulled over on a bike, Joe says. Since he couldn't drive his truck, Joe downsized to a bike. Now he rides the streets through muggy summers and wet winters, cutting lawns wherever he can. Ocean ...