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Cycling the conquistadors’s graveyard

4 Comments Topics: Bike Touring Written by Matt Maynard
Cycling the conquistadors’s graveyard

In May this year my friend Alan came to visit me in Chile. Our plan was to ride an enormous, ambitious loop through the land of volcanoes and monkey puzzle trees in the south of this long, thin country. The region is known as the Araucania. For over 300 years in this inhospitable terrain of ice and fire and mountains, the entrenched indigenous Mapuche people repeatedly slaughtered the advancing Spanish armies who had otherwise conquered South America. With good reason historians today call it the "Spanish Graveyard." With our bikes loaded with everything needed for our six day, 268 mile backcountry trip, we hoped our incursion would fare somewhat better. From the city of Temuco we rode directly towards the Andes ...


Why I haven’t been riding my bike

7 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Emilie Bahr
Why I haven’t been riding my bike

This will be my last post in this forum, at least for a while. I've come to realize that caring for an infant full-time doesn't leave a lot of extra wiggle room in my day to do much of anything else. The part-time work I'm doing these days from home is squeezed into the often-unpredictable nap schedule of my rapidly-changing 6 month old (time, I'm told, that I'm somehow supposed to be sleeping myself). Emilie Bahr is a writer, urban planner and healthy communities advocate living in New Orleans. She is the author of the book Urban Revolutions: A woman's guide to two-wheeled transportation.


The Practical Cargo Bike, or, are Cargo Bikes just the New Black?

No Comments Topics: Utility Cycling Written by Wesley Cheney
It's the station wagon of bicycles. Yuba offers electric-assist long-tail cargo bikes for parents who need a little help getting going in the morning.

Are cargo bikes practical? asked a denizen of recently (a more polite version of Reddit). An interesting question, I thought, but whats a cargo bike, and whos to say whats practical? If cargo is defined as anything in excess of the human engine, then any bike that can carry a water bottle is a cargo bike. Therefore, the time trial bike that Greg Lemond rode to victory in the final stage of the Tour de France would be a cargo bike, since it carried a water bottle. But with asymmetric wheels and a decidedly limited riding position, Gregs custom bike is not a grocery getter. Wesley Cheney bikes for family, fun, profit and necessity in Norfolk, Virginia. He writes about bikes and ...


Physical Literacy and Children: Making your kids smarter and happier!

No Comments Topics: Family Cycling Written by carissa sipp
Tired kiddos after running sprints at the park!

As school begins and we all are thinking about the skills our kids need as the approach adulthood I wanted to take time out of the 'biking only' blog. For this blog, I wanted to focus on one aspect of helping your children's brain development and future that we don't always focus on. This skill can help long-term brain health and overall well-being. We all know the term literacy. It is the ability to read for knowledge, apply critical thinking to written word and write coherently. This is a skill adults deem as very helpful to surviving in the world. We expect children to learn these skills in school and believe teaching the essential building blocks for literacy at home as ...


5 ways to attract a sexual partner on a bike tour

9 Comments Topics: Bike Touring Written by Matt Maynard
5 ways to attract a sexual partner on a bike tour

Bike touring is inherently sexy. It also involves lots of skills and dedication which have been proven by the Lampoon Spoof Scientific Research Group to attract the opposite sex. Minor inconveniences like body odor and food stains on your jersey can be turned to your advantage with a little bit of thought. And the heroism of your journey is a real catch. With these sure-fire no gimmick tips, learn how to really attract the opposite sex and ensure you hit it off on your bike tour! Quick freshen-up in South American border toilet 1. Grooming and appearance Ah, the good life! Being outdoors all day gives you that fresh-faced adventurous look. Most people will find this enchanting. Chin strap sun lines are not ...


Bikes at War Part Two: The Great War

2 Comments Topics: Utility Cycling Written by Wesley Cheney
A Few Smart Men Wanted for The London Cyclists Battalion.

Adolf Hitler was a bike messenger? Yes, indeed. And a decorated one, at that. But more on that later. Unfortunately, Hitler's enamor of the automobile did not fit with Germany's resources. Without the oilfields of Armenia and Azerbaijan, let alone Texas and Oklahoma, the Third Reich had to depend upon synthesizing coal for almost 80% of its liquid fuel. It was the bicycle therefore that made the Blitzkrieg advance possible, and bicycles that allowed the Wehrmacht to retreat. But more on that next month in Part Three of this continuing series.   Wesley Cheney bikes for family, fun, profit and necessity in Norfolk, Virginia. He writes about bikes and kilts at Foto by Wes and (re)builds bamboo bikes and bamboo kayaks at 757 ...