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Send In Your Cycling Photos

We get to see and touch and test all sorts of great cycling gear here at our world headquarters. But we actually get to meet very few of our customers in person.

We just know you are out there taking pictures of your amazing cycling adventures. We want to see them! The best ones will be shared on the relevant section of this blog: Bike Cargo Trailers, Bike Touring, Bike Technology and Family Cycling.

The Latest From Customer Feedback

Stellar Rhonda Review!!

This Vaude bag review comes from our very valued customer Rhonda:

Just received the Vaude Cycle 22 combo bag today and tried it out immediately.  It’s terrific.  Hope you will continue to carry this bag as it is really wonderful for commuting or just for those of us who don’t like to carry things on our body when we bike.  I am going to direct my sister to check out this bag for herself.

I found out about this bag via online reviews but it was for one of the earlier models 25 or 30.  The 22 and 28 are an improvement over the earlier models as I can see from the reviews as I like the 3 pocket/compartments on the bag as well as the 2 side pockets that are not mesh.  And the pannier feature folds nicely into the bottom.  I had considered a Detour’s backpack/pannier bag, but issues with the pannier attachment in a review was concerning.  Also the features of Vaude were better.

Planning on doing bike travel, as I purchased a touring bike.  Will consider your company for my touring pannier purchase as your prices appear competitive.

All our best on your adventures, Rhonda.  Stay safe, take lots of photos and keep in touch!

– The Bike Shop Hub Team

**Vaude** is also currently *** 25% OFF *** so cash in while you can!!

JILL’S NEWSFLASH!! Ohio is good for biking!

According to Jill, a news director in Cleveland:

Ohio is a surprisingly good area for biking.  And I absolutely love my Ortlieb Back Roller Classic with BSH logo.  These panniers are incredibly versatile and hold tons of gear (or $200 worth of groceries).  I use them for commuting to work, for pleasure rides and even for grocery shopping.

Yes.  You can bike to the store and haul home plenty of groceries effortlessly (or maybe minimal effort at least).  Check out all of our panniers including Ortlieb and grocery-specific designs.  Or if you need an extra boost (I’m embarrassingly raising my hand over here), pickup a Ridekick Trailer.  Seriously.  Worth it.

Jim’s Racktime Topit Praises

Another rave review from another amazing customer.  Aren’t we lucky:

I want to thank you for the rack (a Racktime Topit Front Rack), and let you know that this finally ends my search for a front rack to fit my bike and the lights I use.  I asked for the dimensions, so that I would know if this would work, and it fits great.  I’ve attached a few photos to show you how it fits, and how it accommodates my lights.  Thanks for your help and this excellent product!! — Jim

The lights Jim uses are Nightsun Team Issue which he’s had for over 20 years.  The wiring is custom to fit the length needed for switch, battery, and tail light.  These lights rang a bell in my head…. they look an awful lot like those yellow guys from Despicable Me.  Anyone else see it?  No?  Oh well.

The Topit is currently offered at the limited reduced price of $39 – down from $46.99.  Stock is extremely limited for this deal.  Call in your order to receive this discount.


Steve’s Compliments & Enviable Lifestyle

Success! Another happy customer:

We have visited your site many times and this is our first purchase.  My wife and I are avid cyclists and have been for over 17 years – we own over 20 bicycles ( yes – my wife says that I have a sickness – and she’s probably right ! )  We do 90% of our cycling shopping online and we love the layout of your store and the ease of searching for products.  The other thing that will probably make us lifelong customers is your PayPal option -  WE LOVE PAYPAL !    We work to play and have cycling trips and adventures planned for at least 3 out of 4 weekends each month. Also - speed of delivery is key to our online purchases. We will be back.  –  Steve

Steve’s sickness on display:

Doug’s Travoy Purchase

Says Doug of his recent trailer purchase:
I love the Burley Travoy. I wish it had a little heavier weight capacity although I realize there was an aim at keeping it light.
I chose it over other models and styles primarily because it hitches to the bike directly behind rather than off the axle, since I’m using an electric bike which already has a loaded axle. I purchased the rack mount hitch fortunately.
It just barely fits on the extra wide rack on my eZip bike using only two screws (which are adequate to keep it mounted just fine). I was surprised to have the hitch borrow a part from the under the seat hitch, modifying it instead of replacing it. It seemed a worthwhile idea to use the standard hitch on another bike (but that is no longer needed by me).
An additional future feature might be a quantity of multiple bungee take off points in addition to the limited strap mount points.
It folds up very nicely and does fit back in the bag for carry along (howbeit the bag opening is a bit small when working it back in). Folded, it’s light and small enough that I could carry it with me on the bike if desired without pulling it along when not needing to have it hitched.
I get comments as I pass by pedestrians along “The Blvd” here in Lancaster, California, such as “Nice rig” etc. I think it’s a very innovative trailer design that most of them have never seen before. They see plenty of the small child trailers and that’s about it. I attach variously an 18″ x 24″ sign or a one line multi-color LED sign to promote our nonprofit and ride up and down the boulevard, both in traffic (15mph speed limit there) and along the less crowded areas of sidewalk. I may also use it in the future to pack a folding table, banner and various supplies to carry across town to various locations to setup promotional tables, etc.
Burley Trailers are currently 10 – 30% off!

Burley Cargo Trailers

Leslie & John’s Thoughts on Ortlieb

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, and we’d love to see photos from the trip.  Thanks Leslie and John!  And enjoy your tour!

Hi everyone at Bike Shop Hub,

John and I are putting together our gear for a month’s bike ride around Ireland.  We ordered the Ortlieb Classic Rollers (rear) panniers and couldn’t be happier.  They’re easy to pack; large open mouth, stand up on their own, and are of great quality.  I also love how easy they are to put on and take off the rack. We bought the yellow and red packs, eliminates the black hole problem.
We also purchased the medium classic handlebar bag.  It holds our phones, cameras, wallets and more without the threat of them getting wet. We also like that you can open the bag while on the bike. We’re prepared to get drenched but are confident that we will have dry clothes when we reach a B&B.

I plan on purchasing from the Bike Shop Hub again and would recommend you to my friends.
Robert and crew did an amazing job, thank you!



Back-Roller Classics and Compact Handlebar Bag

Bike Bag Shop now carries Ortlieb’s new Front-Roller Classics designer series!

Sam’s Thoughts on his Ortlieb Purchase

We’re going to be publishing some of the glowing reviews we get from our customers here under this new section of our blog.  Here is the first of them…

Hi – you asked for feedback, so here are some brief comments before it slips my mind.

Second purchase from you with short timeframe, so that’s a good sign.

You only appear to stock quality items – very reassuring when ordering remotely.  (I know about Ortleib, but had not heard of the rack company I was recommended.)

Excellent customer service – each time I had minor issues that required a quick phone call.  Got through no probs and issues resolved very quickly.  Nice to speak to someone obviously closely involved with the shop. Professional without any sales pitch – also good.

Excellent pricing. I would have liked to have given my business to a physical local shop, and I did try to. Alas even the few that stocked Ortlieb were next to no help in assisting me choose which bag (they typically only had one item in stock).


Ortlieb Office Bag Medium Plus

Sam’s New Ortlieb Office Bag Medium Plus