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Send In Your Cycling Photos

We get to see and touch and test all sorts of great cycling gear here at our world headquarters. But we actually get to meet very few of our customers in person.

We just know you are out there taking pictures of your amazing cycling adventures. We want to see them! The best ones will be shared on the relevant section of this blog: Bike Cargo Trailers, Bike Touring, Bike Technology and Family Cycling.

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Cyclist Cyber Monday is Here

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For the cyclist — and the future cyclists in your life, we have a whole mess of Cyber Monday specials.

Want something in a smallish box that you can fit under a tree?

How about this:

Garmin Edge 800 Performance Bundle Cycling Computer with GPS

Garmin Edge 800 Performance Bundle Cycling Computer with GPSThe Garmin Edge 800 plus an ANT+ heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor. For touring, commuting, and competition.

$648.99 $499.00

Note: Not suitable for aviation navigation — flying reindeer, sleds, and that sort of thing.

Give The Edge >>

20% Off Chrome
Hipster Holidays!

If high-quality bike backpacks and messenger bags are only for hipsters, doggone it, then call us hipsters. We won’t mind. Much.

Fall Inventory Reduction Sale – Bike Bags & Child Accessories

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We can’t tell you the prices unless you ask

It’s not a gimmick. We really can’t advertise our inventory reduction prices. It would make the manufacturers unhappy (and we don’t like to make them unhappy).

Here’s what you do:

1. Go to the inventory reduction page on any of our specialty shops, such as:

2. Find something you like. (You will.)

3. Click the link that says “Reduced Pricing Available.”

Use the form to tell us you’d like to know the inventory reduction price, and we will e-mail it to you instantly.

If instantly is longer than you can wait, then call us.

Leslie & John’s Thoughts on Ortlieb

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, and we’d love to see photos from the trip.  Thanks Leslie and John!  And enjoy your tour!

Hi everyone at Bike Shop Hub,

John and I are putting together our gear for a month’s bike ride around Ireland.  We ordered the Ortlieb Classic Rollers (rear) panniers and couldn’t be happier.  They’re easy to pack; large open mouth, stand up on their own, and are of great quality.  I also love how easy they are to put on and take off the rack. We bought the yellow and red packs, eliminates the black hole problem.
We also purchased the medium classic handlebar bag.  It holds our phones, cameras, wallets and more without the threat of them getting wet. We also like that you can open the bag while on the bike. We’re prepared to get drenched but are confident that we will have dry clothes when we reach a B&B.

I plan on purchasing from the Bike Shop Hub again and would recommend you to my friends.
Robert and crew did an amazing job, thank you!



Back-Roller Classics and Compact Handlebar Bag

Bike Bag Shop now carries Ortlieb’s new Front-Roller Classics designer series!

Ten Ways to Promote the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer

We have mere days to go to fully fund the Kickstarter Project for the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer.

Currently we have just over one-third of the $25,000 we need to raise.

If you’ve already pledged, the only way to get your rewards will be if the project is fully funded.

To see these trailers on the streets, on bike paths, and behind your bike, here are some things you can do.

Ten Ways to Promote the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer:

  1. Pledge — at any amount
    Every pledge gets us closer to our goal.
  2. Pledge Again
    Really. Is one Tuba really enough? Why not pledge for a Business Fleet, or multiple Fully-Loaded versions of the trailer? The full retail price will be more than the price of our pledge rewards. Take a second look at our great rewards. We’ve added two e-bikes as rewards! (See below)
  3. Promote the Tuba on Facebook
    Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Of course you are. Here’s how.

    Share the Wandertec Tuba on Facebook - Step 1

    Step 1: Go to our Kickstarter page and click Like

Chariot Child Bike Trailers: Save up to 35%

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Save up to 35% on Chariot Child Carriers

Our huge ongoing sale on Chariot Child Carriers just got… huger.

It’s not just the 2011 models.

Now the 2012 carriers and all Chariot accessories are getting in on the act — but only through September 4.

Save up to $330.00

No child carrier is as versatile as a Chariot, with conversion kits for biking, jogging, strolling, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

Chariot CX1 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot CX1 Bike Child Trailer2011 Model. The ultimate in performance and comfort. A single-child carrier, has it all, for both you and your child.
$949.00 $619.00

Cufflinks and Bike Blog Love for the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer

Avant Garde Design is supporting our Kickstarter project with five pairs of handmade bicycle chain cufflinks.

This is a new reward, now available on our Kickstarter project page for the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer. We call it “Fancy Backer.”

Avant Garde Bicycle Chain Cufflinks

Please promote the project on your social networks and blogs. We have 12 days to go, and less than $20K to raise.

Release: Flagstaff Company Targets Suburbia with New Bike Trailer

The Wandertec “Tuba” is for Car-Sized Errands

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Aug. 20, 2012 – Wandertec, a leading online retailer promoting products for everyday bicycling, has announced a new bike trailer aimed at urban and suburban cyclists wanting to reduce or eliminate the use of the family car.

The idea behind the Wandertec Tuba is to provide the same level of convenience and spaciousness as a car’s trunk or backseat. Most consumer bike trailers don’t have this kind of space. So even the most dedicated cyclists have to fall back on using a car for very common load sizes.

Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer

A Bike Trailer for Car-Sized Errands

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The Wandertec Tuba:
A Bike Trailer for Life-Sized Loads

Some errands are an excuse to use the family car.

Sorry, America, we want to change that.

We’ve designed a trailer for carrying the loads that used to go in your back seat or your trunk. We call it the Wandertec Tuba.

And we’ve made a video to tell you about it:

Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer - Play Video

It’s a trailer for the minivan lifestyle — without the minivan.

Post Heatwave Sale on Ortlieb, Tubus & Racktime

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Good Riddance, Heatwave!

Did the heatwave of June and July toast your summer cycling plans?

Good Riddance, Heatwave!

It’s over now, and there’s still plenty of summer left. And to help you salvage your summer riding and touring plans, all Ortlieb, Tubus, and Racktime products are 10% off.

Sam’s Thoughts on his Ortlieb Purchase

We’re going to be publishing some of the glowing reviews we get from our customers here under this new section of our blog.  Here is the first of them…

Hi – you asked for feedback, so here are some brief comments before it slips my mind.

Second purchase from you with short timeframe, so that’s a good sign.

You only appear to stock quality items – very reassuring when ordering remotely.  (I know about Ortleib, but had not heard of the rack company I was recommended.)

Excellent customer service – each time I had minor issues that required a quick phone call.  Got through no probs and issues resolved very quickly.  Nice to speak to someone obviously closely involved with the shop. Professional without any sales pitch – also good.

Excellent pricing. I would have liked to have given my business to a physical local shop, and I did try to. Alas even the few that stocked Ortlieb were next to no help in assisting me choose which bag (they typically only had one item in stock).


Ortlieb Office Bag Medium Plus

Sam’s New Ortlieb Office Bag Medium Plus