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The Latest From Bicycle Lights

Steerer Tube Mounted Cygolite

I needed to mount a front bike light to the Urbana Current that I am currently testing for the JOYBAG project.  The Bionx kit has a light built into the battery so I was all set there.  The bracket for this front light was not designed to lock down on the narrow gauge handlebars.  Surprisingly though, I was able to fit it around the headtube spacers which turns out to be a very convenient place to mount the light.

The light pictured here is an older model Cygolite which is a predecessor to the Expillion Series which we happen to have on sale over at thru Dec. 13th! Grand Opening and Sale!

We’re incredibly excited to be announcing the launch of our fourth specialty cycling accessory shop,! is a shop that will be dedicated to all things with circuitry that go on a bike. At the top of the list are bike lights, electric bikes and GPS systems. But a big part of what inspires us is how many cool things we will be able to get to know, use and bring to your our customers.
We launched the site today because of Daylight Savings Time going into effect. If you are commuting tomorrow, you’ll have an hour less of light on the way home. We want to keep you safe and cycling through the short days of the year and are featuring bike lights in the Grand Opening of Bike Tech Shop. To get things started right, we put all of our new bike lights on sale at 10% off thru Nov.22nd!

Here Come the Bike Lights!

Next up on the agenda for Bike Shop Hub is finding the best brands of bike lights to offer up at the new specialty shop that we’ve got under development There is an amazing variety of high quality cycling lights these days and we’re getting quite excited to wrap our brains around all the options available. As with our other specialty shops, we will be focusing on a broad range of brands and generally carrying the full line-up of products available as well as a full assortment of replacement parts and accessories.

Josh Irvine showing off his Light In Motion helmet lights

Bike lights will just be one component of the This does seem like a great place to start out our focus with the Fall coming in a few months and that being a popular time of year for bike commuters to stock up on lights as the days grow short. We also will be continuing our push into electric bikes, most likely offering both electric bike and electric bike kits. Other avenues we’ll be pursuing are cycling computers, gps and other mapping and route related devises, and video and photo equipment specific for bikes.

This Bike Could Use Some Lights

I’ve been trying to capture photos of bicyclists out on the road at night. It hasn’t proved to be an easy thing. This shot worked mainly because of the bright lights of the truck and car behind. Hopefully this guy at least had a rear blinkey….

This Bike Could Use Some Lights


This Week:
1.Shipped out our largest quantity of bike cargo trailers for one week (11).
2.Placed orders with all of largest suppliers BOB, Burley, Xtracycle & Ortlieb.
3.Got ahold of a new light by Weber of Germany.

It was a great week for sales. The first week of Spring ushered in great demand as people gear up for the riding season ahead.

On another front I was sent a sample of the M-Lite by Weber Products of Germany. This is a unique light designed to fit on flag poles. We are very excited about the design and can see it being used with bike cargo trailers, bike child trailers, recumbents, and kids bikes with flags. We hope to have it available along with our other bike cargo trailer lighting systems this summer.