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Bike cargo trailers are amazing tools for getting more out of a bicycle -- and keeping you a out of your car. In all their variety, bike cargo trailers are the perfect tools for hauling stuff by bike.

We cover touring, commuting, errands, and generally doing more by bike -- so we don't leave out cargo bikes and conversions.

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This blog is about sharing the fun, the utility, and the creativity that bike trailers can inspire. We want photos of how you've used your trailer -- whether it's an off-the-shelf model in a beautiful or interesting setting, or if it's a Franken-trailer customized in a way only you could have conceived.

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The Latest From Bike Cargo Trailers

Hard working trailers, panniers, and racks

Colin sent us these photos of how he’s been utilizing his bike for a pretty awesome array of activities.  He packed up his MIG welder and gas tank onto his BOB Trailer, which makes for a pretty bad-ass looking commuting rig.

Welding by Bike

Next, he loaded up a folding table, chairs, and all the necessary tabling supplies for a BICAS event into an old cargo trailer.  Look closely and you’ll also see Colin’s four legged pal along for the ride hanging out in his rear pannier.

Table event by bike

Finally, Colin loaded a big grocery run, complete with a giant bag of dog food, into a couple bikes loaded with panniers.  He’s using the Tubus rack with his panniers and it looks like its sturdy design is handling the load quite nicely!

Grocery by bike

Thanks Colin for sending us these examples of how trailers, bags, and racks can help you do everything by bike!


Stay Hydrated

Our friend Robert reminds us that hydration is the key to a good ride.  I’m sure whatever he’s carrying in those pony kegs are quenching some thirsty riders.  Another great use of the  Xtracycle and Wandertec Bongo trailer.

Ride on…

BOB Trailer Cruising the Burr Trail

Rick's Bob Yak on Burr Trail Tour

Rick recently sent us this photo of his touring set up.  He’s got a BOB Yak trailer with the attached Greenspeed rack for extra storage.  He’s also using a Greenfield Stabilizer Kickstand for extra stability for the added weight.

He toured from Bullfrog Utah to Boulder Utah along the Burr Trail, carrying 5 large bottles of water plus a 6 liter bag.  A heavy ride, but necessary as there was limited filterable water along the way.  His BOB is well packed with the BOB DrySAK and some Ortleib Front Roller Classic Panniers.

Looks like it was a great rig for a really nice Utah tour!


Burley Nomad Trailer – The View from the Bike


This is a perspective you don’t see often.  Riley attached a camera to the back of his bike to film his sturdy Burley Nomad cruising along the road near the seaside and on a dirt trail.  The  trailer itself is loaded with camera gear and it looks snug and tight inside the trailer.   It looks like it was a nice ride!  However, you might want to use caution watching this if you are prone to motion sickness (reminds me a little bit of sitting backwards in the far backseat of the old station wagon watching the world go by in reverse). Enjoy!

Ted’s Leisure Trailer – Built for Fun


Ted recently shared with us his sturdy trailer build that looks like a party on wheels!


Ted explains the origins:
I built this bike trailer in the spring of 1987 in Calgary, Alberta. It was designed to supplement a backpack and front pannier bags, and to encourage a leisurely travel pace through exercise.
Two main challenges by this design: replacing a tire and accelerated downhill speeds. 


In addition to a lot of cargo space, he’s also outfitted his rig with a solar panel, front and rear lights, and detachable speakers.   Not only does this trailer look like a great bike touring and camping rig, but we think it could be an excellent addition to a picnic, tailgate, or BBQ.

Rob’s Trike Build

Rob, a fabricator by trade, has a pretty sweet build he shared with us after buying a spring for the project:

I help put on a fundraiser for a non-profit called Kammys Kause ( for more info).  So along with making the event happen I make something to auction off.  I was offered an old radio flyer tricycle to restore and found out I could basically buy all the parts and put it back to new.  Didn’t think that was cool so I decided I would build one.  This bike started as a ’96 GT Vertigo.  I stripped the paint and cut the rear off, polished out all the chrome and built the rear swing arm.  It has a 1/2″ solid stainless rear axle with the left side machined down and threaded 3/8 x 26 to fit all the nuts and bearing nuts so the left wheel free spins.  It’s keyed for the drive sprocket and keyed for the hub I made so the right wheel is fixed to the drive shaft.  I had a buddy replicate the font style of the original graphics but used KK and Kammys Kause in place of the GT and Vertigo.  Painted it satin white with a pearl clear. It’s mostly original besides some bolts that wouldn’t clean up and the wheels and tires.

Uuuuh.  We think it’s freakin’ awesome and that’s all we have to add!


Bill’s Endless Summer Wandertec Build

Beach season coming to an end?  Nah, the season never ends for Bill & Wife!

Thought you might like to see my Wandertec trailer in action.  I built an aluminum box with perforated aluminum sheet floor. Super light and easy to pull onto the beach. We use it regularly.  I built it for my wife as a Christmas gift, but I somehow get the task of pulling it. Funny how that works. We seem to be quite a scene when we pull it to the beach, which is a ½ mile away. She rides a few bike  lengths ahead of me and clears me through intersections while I steam through as fast as I can get that single speed beach cruiser to go. Awesome fun.

The creativity of our customers is endless, much like summer, and never ceases to astound!



**Waarschuwing!!** for Solar Panel Experimentation

Michael of Belgium’s warning for the cycling community:  “Be careful with your bike trailer/solar panel experiments!”  He speaks from experience:

Tom’s Upcycled Bed Frame Bike Trailer

I put together a cargo trailer from scrap metal and trashed kid’s bikes. A bed frame provided the basic structure, to which I welded dropouts hacked from the donor bikes and a curved towing arm. A quick release ball joint was used for the hitch.

Don’t trust your welding skills?  Check out the Burley Nomad, built by professionals and now offered at a reduced price (contact us for details)!  Also check out Tom’s blog for the full story on this unique build.

Bike Your Local Landmark

I recently got married to an Australian.  Which means lots of sightseeing.  Which turns out is pretty cool!

First off, a little about me — I’m pretty lame.  But I suspect so are a lot of people in the same sense.  I have lived in several super cool places, and have never bothered going to the local historical landmarks.  Because seeing these sights from traffic seems “good enough” for lame-lings like myself.  Proof:

  1. Lived in Portland, Oregon for 9 years, never been to Voodoo Doughnut.  Or Crater Lake.  And don’t even MENTION Portlandia.  Don’t.  I’m not even going to link that reference.
  2. Lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for 6 years, “gave in” and visited the Grand Canyon after having already been there 5 years.
  3. Lived in San Francisco (or just east of) for 10 years, never purposefully gave a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge.

And finally, this summer, we really went to the Golden Gate Bridge.  And possibly only because we got one beautiful fog-less day.  And probably only because Ty wanted to.  We saw Oracle practicing for America’s Cup, Alcatraz, and happy puppies frolicking along after tennis balls in the small waves below.  Talk about living the dream …of starring in my very own episode of Full House (I told you I was super lame).  And of course, we saw BIKES!

Some inspiration for biking your local landmarks before the summer is over:

BOB-ing the Bridge