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The Latest From Bike Pet Trailers

Rick Croozer Trailering with his Dog

Rick sent us these shots of his Croozer Dog Trailer:

Sophie’s First Ride In A Bike Dog Trailer

Sophie sure looks like she is having fun on her first bike ride. From that excited look on her face, I’m guessing she gets quite excited when the bike dog trailer comes out.

“This was Sophie’s first bike ride. She didn’t like it at first but has now grown to love it. We just upgraded to a Burley Rover but don’t have photos yet. Many fun rides coming this summer!”

Sophie is riding in a Doggy Ride Trailer, though it sounds like her new ride is a Burley Rover. The Burley Rover while no longer available is basically a simplified version of the Burley Tailwagon which by the way is still available at the

Bob’s DIY Bike Trailer Solutions Part 2

Our friend Bob sent us some more images of a bike dog trailer that he has been working on. Previously Bob had sent us some images of his DIY bike cargo trailers. Here’s what Bob has to say about his latest creation.

“This is my latest completed trailer with it’s happy passenger Quincy. This lady wanted a cargo hauler and something to haul her dog with. With this particular box, the lid snaps off very easily so the trailer becomes a dog hauler. She made a nice cushion for the bottom and the dog wears a little harness with 2 short leads so he can’t jump out of the trailer.”

In my estimation, Bob’s design looks solid, lightweight and offers some excellent functionality. Keep up the good work, Bob and we look forward to seeing your next DIY Bike Trailer.

Pet Bike Trailers – Bring Your Furry Friend Along

This post is for all of the animal and bicycle lovers out there. Do you find it difficult to ride away from home with your loyal pet(s) staring longingly after you? I know it is difficult for me! My dog always makes a fuss when I leave home without him, and I really enjoy bringing him along on adventures. Fortunately all the pet lovers can rest easy and bring their favorite furry friend(s) along on adventures and errands alike with a pet bike trailer.