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Bike cargo trailers are amazing tools for getting more out of a bicycle -- and keeping you a out of your car. In all their variety, bike cargo trailers are the perfect tools for hauling stuff by bike.

We cover touring, commuting, errands, and generally doing more by bike -- so we don't leave out cargo bikes and conversions.

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This blog is about sharing the fun, the utility, and the creativity that bike trailers can inspire. We want photos of how you've used your trailer -- whether it's an off-the-shelf model in a beautiful or interesting setting, or if it's a Franken-trailer customized in a way only you could have conceived.

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Rocking Bikes, Bongos, Blenders & Beats

Wandertec’s own Bongo wheels are being used on “Rock the Bikes” everywhere!  Sounds like a lot of gobble-dee-guk, but it’s pretty sweet.  And… blend while you rock with the Xtracycle Fender Blender!!  (We won’t judge whether it’s for protein shakes or margaritas.  As long as you’re biking.  And rocking.)



Bike Your Local Landmark

I recently got married to an Australian.  Which means lots of sightseeing.  Which turns out is pretty cool!

First off, a little about me — I’m pretty lame.  But I suspect so are a lot of people in the same sense.  I have lived in several super cool places, and have never bothered going to the local historical landmarks.  Because seeing these sights from traffic seems “good enough” for lame-lings like myself.  Proof:

  1. Lived in Portland, Oregon for 9 years, never been to Voodoo Doughnut.  Or Crater Lake.  And don’t even MENTION Portlandia.  Don’t.  I’m not even going to link that reference.
  2. Lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for 6 years, “gave in” and visited the Grand Canyon after having already been there 5 years.
  3. Lived in San Francisco (or just east of) for 10 years, never purposefully gave a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge.

And finally, this summer, we really went to the Golden Gate Bridge.  And possibly only because we got one beautiful fog-less day.  And probably only because Ty wanted to.  We saw Oracle practicing for America’s Cup, Alcatraz, and happy puppies frolicking along after tennis balls in the small waves below.  Talk about living the dream …of starring in my very own episode of Full House (I told you I was super lame).  And of course, we saw BIKES!

Some inspiration for biking your local landmarks before the summer is over:

BOB-ing the Bridge

Mike’s Orange Trailer Build

A man of few words with a fondness for orange.

l like building them.  Started 15 years ago.  Not to sure what the next one will be like.  So far they carry everything I’ve put into them – up to 200 pounds so far.

Well, Mike, you’ve come to the right club and here are some of our heavy-duty cargo trailers as well.  Sorry none are of the orange variety, but we did start recently stocking our shelves with Velo Orange…. if that at all helps…

Simon’s Heavy-Duty Trailer Build

Check out Simon’s child trailer.  No, he doesn’t put children in it.  We’ll let him explain:

This trailer started as a two-child trailer, but it was too large, too high and the fabric floor was just not practical for cargo hauling.  So I took it apart and built a new trailer around a sturdy plastic box.  I cut the frame supporting the wheels, then inserted reinforcement aluminum rods inside and bolted everything directly onto the box.  I then bolted frame parts on the sides to wedge the wheels, assembled and bolted the original trailer attachment back on.  There’s also a skateboard wheel in the back so I can store the trailer upright. The attachment was just short enough to fit inside the box for storage.  The front gray support is for an optional cooler and there is also a plastic sheet that unrolls to protect the front load from dust and water.  There is also light plywood inside the box to help distribute the load weight more evenly.  It is pretty sturdy, lightweight and rides low to reduce the wind drag (a cyclist’s worst enemy!)

Looks legit.  Think you can beat it?  Submit your own photos!

Andrew’s Tout Terrain Mule

This Independence Day week, explore the freedoms hitting the road with your bike allows.  Take a cue from Andrew and his Tout Mule-fitted rig.  Also check out Andrew’s previous patriotic tour.

Liam’s Mega-Trailer Build

Introducing: the Wonder Trailer!! by Liam:

I’ve spent 2 years building this articulated bike trailer it can haul upwards of a ton to 2 tons**.  The trailer handles surprisingly well for its size: 5 x 2 feet with 20″ wheels. I am currently working on what in England we call a tilt body – basically a canvas cover over a light weight frame. The trailer still needs some adjustments, but they can wait.

** I know England sometimes uses the metric system, and my terms of measurement may be a little off, but I’m just going to throw this out there. I don’t believe this trailer can haul the equivalent of 2 small-sized hippos, or one giant hippo if you prefer your load to be a little more manageable in shape and in temperament. Two hippos may not get along on one (very impressive) bike trailer. Regardless, it is a nice build and one worth sharing — Thanks Liam!

Tom’s Mission & Custom Trailer

Tom’s on a mission to combat child sex abuse, he’s built a custom trailer for the road, and he’s not afraid to use it!  “10,000 miles, across 3 nations on a 50cc scooter (with a custom trailer attached…that I designed and built).”  Pretty sweet build, and for a great cause.  For more information, check out

Tom’s (Again) Ill-Advised, But Still Pretty Cool BOB Trailer Mod

Tom and his Vespa are at it again“Updated photos for the BOB folks to fret over …lol.” 

And again, we don’t recommend, support or condone the use of BOB trailers, or any other bike cargo trailers, on any motorized vehicles other than electric bicycles that are regulated the same as standard bicycles.

But check these out:

Edward’s Advert & Delivery Service

Looking for a part-time gig this summer?  Advertise or delivery-by-bike!  Edward’s sales pitch: “Green Living at it’s best!  Been doing my bike delivery / billboard service for 2 years.  Loving every day!”  Get equipped for the summer with the Extrawheel Advert and a heavy-duty cargo trailer.

Sean, Beth, Extrawheel & Utah

Sean & Beth recently took their new Extrawheel Voyager and hit the White Rim Trail in Utah“Our new Extrawheel trailer performed flawlessly on the bumpy dirt!”  What are your bike plans for the upcoming summer?