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All hail the bike cargo trailer!

Bike cargo trailers are amazing tools for getting more out of a bicycle -- and keeping you a out of your car. In all their variety, bike cargo trailers are the perfect tools for hauling stuff by bike.

We cover touring, commuting, errands, and generally doing more by bike -- so we don't leave out cargo bikes and conversions.

The topics of bike child trailers and trailer-cycles are covered in our Family Cycling section.

Submit Your Bike Trailer Photos

This blog is about sharing the fun, the utility, and the creativity that bike trailers can inspire. We want photos of how you've used your trailer -- whether it's an off-the-shelf model in a beautiful or interesting setting, or if it's a Franken-trailer customized in a way only you could have conceived.

Photos help to spread ideas, and stimulate discussion. It doesn't matter if you bought from one of our shops or not -- Bike Trailer Shop, Bike Bag Shop and Bike Kid Shop. Your photos and the stories behind them want to be seen and heard.

BOBaholics, 12 Steps to Owning a BOB Trailer

Here at the Bike Trailer Blog we really love BOB trailers. They are some of our favorite single-wheeled trailers and we have been writing about how much we love them for years now. In fact we love the so much that once again, the Bike Trailer Shop is offering BOB Yaks and BOB Ibexs at 10% off, so everyone can have the opportunity to fall in love like we have.

There isn’t a twelve step program to owning a BOB trailer. Actually its just one step. Purchase a BOB Yak or Ibex from the Bike Trailer Shop during our BOB sale. Now through October 12th the Bike Trailer Shop is offering 10% off all BOB Ibex trailers and BOB Yak Trailers as well as 10% off all recommended accessories and parts with the trailer purchase. To give you an idea of some of the great things that a BOB can be used for check out some of these articles that we have written in the past.

Jeff’s Trailer Reviews, Part 1: BOB Trailers

Making a BOB Train

Custom S&S Coupler BOB Trailer

Alan’s Grocery Getter

To BOB or Not to BOB

One Wheel Or Two?

These articles are the just the tip of the ice burg when considering reasons to own a BOB Trailer, and at 10% that’s one of the best reason around. So don’t wait around. Pull the trigger and get your self into a BOB Ibex or BOB Yak or both for that matter, after all you can never have to much BOB in your life.

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