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Chariot Carriers & Croozer Trailers Sale

cabriolet_bike_1If you are on the market for a Chariot Carrier or a Croozer Trailer, today is your lucky day as we are just kicked off our 10 day sale. This is the perfect opportunity to set yourself up with a child transportation solution thru May 11th.

The sale encompasses all models of Chariot Carriers and all models of Croozer Child Trailers available through It also includes all Croozer Cargo & Pet Trailers available through Along with the 10% off sale prices, we are including 10% off on all of our recommended accessories purchased with the trailer. Look for these options in the product’s listing by clicking on the green “view option/add to cart” button.

Chariot Carriers calls their product a carrier rather than a trailer as it truly excels in all 5 of its modes. Choose a Chariot Carrier if you are the most premium level product. The higher cost of the product is certainly justified for customers who will be benefiting from using it in multiple modes. Rather than buying a separate jogger, stroller and bike trailer, we strongly recommend a Chariot Carrier. And perhaps you will even use it for hiking or cross country skiing. Chariots top-of the-line Cross Country Series is represented by the Chariot Cheetah, Chariot Cougar and Chariot CX models. The Chariot Corsaire XL offers extra legroom while the Chariot Cabriolet is the entry level Chariot Carrier.

cheetah_jog_1Croozer Child Trailers offer incredible value in a smartly designed, high quality product. The Croozer 535 and 737 include in their price kits for biking, strolling and jogging. The 525 is a budget version of the aluminum framed 535. Transporting 2 children, the 535 is 2 pounds heavier with its chromoly frame and is biking and strolling ready.

Croozer’s bike cargo trailers include the Croozer Cargo and the Croozer Travel. The Croozer Travel is a great trailer for touring or around town. Standout features include the low center of gravity design, the foldback handle, integrated rail system and solid platform. The Croozer Cargo is a great around cargo solution. From hauling groceries, to picnics, to party or beach supplies the Cargo opens up a whole new realm of bicycle utility at a budget-minded price.

Croozer’s Dog trailers are the Croozer Dog and the Croozer Mini. The robust Croozer Dog can safely transport dogs up to 100lbs, while the Croozer mini is setup for small dogs up to 45lbs.


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