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We get to see and touch and test all sorts of great cycling gear here at our world headquarters. But we actually get to meet very few of our customers in person.

We just know you are out there taking pictures of your amazing cycling adventures. We want to see them! The best ones will be shared on the relevant section of this blog: Bike Cargo Trailers, Bike Touring, Bike Technology and Family Cycling.

Chariot Child Bike Trailers: Save up to 35%

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Save up to 35% on Chariot Child Carriers

Our huge ongoing sale on Chariot Child Carriers just got… huger.

It’s not just the 2011 models.

Now the 2012 carriers and all Chariot accessories are getting in on the act — but only through September 4.

Save up to $330.00

No child carrier is as versatile as a Chariot, with conversion kits for biking, jogging, strolling, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

Chariot CX1 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot CX1 Bike Child Trailer2011 Model. The ultimate in performance and comfort. A single-child carrier, has it all, for both you and your child.
$949.00 $619.00

Chariot CX2 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot CX2 Bike Child Trailer2011 Model. A two-child carrier. This is about as good as it gets.
$999.00 $749.00

Chariot CX1 Bike Child Trailer – New 2012 Model
Chariot CX1 Bike Child Trailer-New 2012 ModelChariot’s flagship single-child carrier, has it all, for both you and your child.
$949.00 $759.20

Chariot CX2 Bike Child Trailer – New 2012 Model
Chariot CX2 Bike Child Trailer-New 2012 ModelA two-child carrier. You’ll appreciate the comfort and convenience of the ergonomic handlebar grips, handlebar and folding storage bags
$999.00 $799.20

Chariot Cheetah1 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot Cheetah1 Bike Child Trailer2011 model. Chariot’s entry-level X-Country carrier for budget-minded adventurers. For one child.
$425.00 $319.00
  Chariot Cheetah2 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot Cheetah2 Bike Child Trailer2011 Model. For two children, presents the best value to feature ratio while still featuring Chariot’s uncompromising quality.
$475.00 $359.00

Chariot Corsaire1 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot Corsaire1 Bike Child Trailer2012 Model. This trailer has a larger cockpit than most, enabling you to carry an older child
$675.00 $540.00

Chariot Corsaire2 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot Corsaire2 Bike Child Trailer2012 Model. For children too big for other carriers or who just want a little more room. Carry two older children.
$775.00 $620.00

Chariot Cougar1 Bike Child Trailer – New 2012 Model
Chariot Cougar1 Bike Child Trailer-New 2012 Model2012 Model. A solid mix of features that make it Chariot’s most popular carrier for a single child.
$585.00 $468.00

Chariot Cougar1 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot Cougar1 Bike Child Trailer2011 Model. A Smooth Ride for your child.
$585.00 $439.00

Chariot Cougar2 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot Cougar2 Bike Child Trailer2012 Model. Tailor the suspension to the terrain and your children’s ever-changing size and weight. For one or two children.
$685.00 $548.00

Get The Chariot You’ve Always Wanted >>

10 Days Left to Back the Wanderec Tuba Bike Trailer

The Wandertec Tuba - A Bike Trailer for Car-Sized Errands

Back production of the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer

What people are saying about the Wandertec Tuba:

[B]uild it from the ground up, starting with the aluminum frame and wheels, with an optional load bed, rail system, liner, and rain cover…

–Bike Rumor

Bike Rumor

Most consumer bike trailers don’t have this kind of space. So even the most dedicated cyclists have to fall back on using a car for very common load sizes.


Bike Rumor

Everything seems just right with what these folks are bringing to the table.

–My Green Misadventure

Bike Rumor

Kickstart The Tuba >>

More Ongoing Sales

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Save 20% on All Vaude Panniers, Backpacks, Racktop Bags, Saddlebags & Handlebar Bags while supplies last

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