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Chariot + Strider = Awesome!

The Bike Kid Shop has decided to make an offer that can’t be refused. We all know that Chariot child trailers are some of the best child trailers on the market. They are the BMW of child trailers, with all the attention to detail and performance that will make any child smile and any parent contented. Bike Kid Shop is now offering even more of a reason to own one of these great child trailers. With the purchase of any Chariot CX 1, CX 2, Cougar 1, Cougar 2 or Corsaire XL the Bike Kid Shop is including a free Strider Balance Bike.

Now this is more than just a fancy marketing ploy. Here at the Bike Kid Shop, we have thought long and hard about what type of promotion would most benefit children and parents from the extensive inventory that we have to offer. The reason that we chose this combination is simple: The Strider Balance Bike is the ideal next step to transitioning a child from riding with you in a bike trailer to riding a bike themselves. Training wheels and tricycles are things of the past. Balance bikes teach kids how to ride a two-wheeled bike and how to balance on two wheels, but without the added step of pedal motion. Training wheels and trikes provide a false learning crutch for children learning to ride on two wheels. Training wheels and tricycles stabilize the bike prohibiting the child from learning how to properly balance a bike.

Strider Balance Bike are simple in design and theory, take out all the complications and just teach children to balance on two wheels. Then, before you know it, the transition to a real bike will be seamless. You will be able to enjoy all the creature comforts of your Chariot trailer for years until that day that you little one is ready to branch out on their own, then all you have to do is reach for the Strider Balance Bike. Check out what Balance Bike Reviews and Bike Shop Hub have had to say about balance bikes.

There really isn’t a better combination for long term fun on the market. Owning a Chariot child trailer couldn’t be better. And knowing you have the next step already lined up certainly provides peace of mind. So don’t miss this great opportunity to own one of the best child trailers on the market and to receive a free Strider Balance Bike. It is the commitment of the Bike Kid Shop to help parents create a safe and fun outdoor experience for the whole family.

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