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Extrawheel Voyagers on Sale for $259

extrawheel-voyager-with-bike-bag-shop-panniers-wood-pile-croppedWe are putting up a big sale on the Extrawheel Voyager bike cargo trailer through the end of the year. We are taking $110 off the regular price of the Extrawheel Voyager’s normal price of $369. That is the price of the trailer with the wheel. The price without the wheel is $50 less at only $209. So if you have an extra old front wheel hanging around the house all you need is the Extrawheel Voyager body and fork to get going with the great bike cargo trailer.

The Extrawheel Voyager in our mind is the best off-roading bike cargo trailer. With it’s large wheel and short length it performs very smoothly in a large variety of off-road terrain. We often compare the Extrawheel Voyager to the BOB Ibex trailer, also a great off-roading bike cargo trailer. The Extrawheel Voyager wins out by a little bit in pure performance. That being said, you may still prefer the BOB Ibex for it’s spacious cargo area. So while you may not be able to maneuver through quite as difficult terrain with the BOB Ibex, you can carry much larger more awkward loads.

If you are able to fit everything you need in bike panniers mounted on the Extrawheel Voyager with perhaps additional capacity on front and or rear bicycle racks on your bike, the Extrawheel does offer the most maneuverable configuration. Not only is the Extrawheel Voyager highly sought after for it’s off-road prowess, many cyclist appreciate it’s excellent use for road touring and commuting. The aspects of the Voyager that make it great for off-road riding, also are appreciated when negotiating curbs, corners, pot-holes and other road obstacles.

For riders seeking to use a set of bike panniers that do not necessarily want to add a rack to their bicycle, the Voyager offers up an easy to use platform. For example you can quickly mount the Extrawheel Voyager to bike such as carbon fiber road bike or your full suspension mountain bike that do not have any mounting eyelets. Simply replace your regular rear quick release with the Extrawheel Quick Release and any style of bicycle can be hooked up to use for things like picking up groceries, running errands or carrying in clothes and lunch to work.

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