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Peter’s Familiy Bike Touring Train

We’ve all heard it from our friends who have children, now that they have a family things aren’t the same and they just don’t have the time anymore to ride bikes or go camping. There’s soccer practice to go to, ballet lessons, etc. Well we received a few pictures from Peter, and from the looks of things he has been unable to use his family as an excuse why he can’t go for a bike trip.

The pictures speak volumes for this one, this might be the ultimate kid/ gear bike train we ever seen. Given these shots are a few years old, but minus the panniers Peter has connected a Burly child trailer to a Burley trail-a-bike to his bike. Now throw in front and rear Jandd panniers on his bike and rear and top Jandd panniers on the trail-a-bike and you have a set up that would make Burlington Northern jealous. Even his wife has her bike set up with a BOB Yak and front and rear panniers. Its a good thing the oldest boy can ride by himself, I cant imagine pulling four children, plus gear.
Its great that Peter gets the help of his son on the Burley trail-a-bike, I’m sure every little bit helps to haul that load. I wonder if it beeped when he backed it up. Peter is here to show that having one child, or two, or three even should not stop you from getting out on the bike for a couple of days, and don’t worry about the work out, if you pulled anything close to this setup you’ll probably be pooped after 20 mi. Nice job Peter, way to get the family out on two wheels.

Here is a link to another post about a well constructed touring train, although this one does not include the child option it is as impressive. If you are interested in creating your own bike child trailer train check out our new site launching soon, Bike Kid Shop

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4 Responses to Peter’s Familiy Bike Touring Train
  1. micah
    February 10, 2010 | 8:49 am

    This is the greatest dad in the world! That’s got to weigh a TON!

    Keep it up guys! Hope to see you on the trail someday.

  2. raf hartley
    March 15, 2010 | 3:53 am

    Hey, Peters family..That’s totally awesome.
    down in Aus we call that a Road Train..I look forward to having my own Road Train..Raf

  3. [...] Have a look at some other great photos we’ve had of the Hayden’s family train and Peter’s family’s bike touring adventure. Share and [...]

  4. Peter Rogers
    August 20, 2010 | 6:00 am

    looking at the pictures it seems that the panniers on the trail-a-bike are very close to the trailer hitch arm…can rubbing between the arm and panniers be a problem? if so, how is it avoided? feel free to email me a response at!

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