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Interesting BOB Trailer Uses Part 1

See also: Interesting BOB Trailer Uses Part 2.

One of my favorite things about BOB Trailers is the proclivity of their use as the base for the odd if not bizarre modification.

BOB Trailer with Solar PanelSolar Power: Use your BOB to support a large solar array and run electrical appliances wherever you go. Or use it to power the electric hub on your bike.

BOB Trailer MotoElectro Power: This BOB has been modified for use as an electric power assist for your bicycle. There is still plenty of room for extra gear.

BOB Trailer Hydrogen PowerHydrogen Power (Weber Monoporter): Here is a very unique application of Hydrogen power. This bicycle is powered by hydrogen which is transported in the tank inside of the Weber Monoporter.

BOB Trailer with ToiletA BOB Toilet Bowl? While we are on the topic of utilities, carry your porcelain god with you wherever you go. Stores multiple toilet rolls for long bike tours. Utility cycling at it’s finest.

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3 Responses to Interesting BOB Trailer Uses Part 1
  1. [...] love seeing novel uses for bike trailers, especially when they involve social activism or environmental volunteering. If you know of any [...]

  2. Palm Beach Bike Tours
    May 21, 2008 | 6:48 am

    I f there was a toilet on the back of my BOB, I just might yak. For sure, no one would want to ride in the pace line behind me. I guess that is one way to make sure you aren’t asked for any long pulls, huh?

    I, too, have a soft spot in my heart for interesting and useful bike trailers. One of the best I have seen was pulled by Phil the Knife Sharpener….

    Phil claims to have put 250,000 miles on the trailer over the last 18 years. Even if he is off by a factor of ten, I’m seriously impressed. I don’t know that I could get it going and, if I did, I’m pretty sure my brakes couldn’t get it stopped.


  3. Palm Beach Bike Tours
    May 21, 2008 | 6:52 am

    I guess image linking isn’t allowed. Here is a text link to Phil and his bike trailer…

    Phil the Knife Sharpener and his 300-pound bicycle trailer.

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