Epic Tours:

From weekend trips to round-the-world adventures, epic is in the mind of the beholder.

Bike touring is a wonderful and enriching way to explore the world. It yields such interesting photos and stories.

We're not afraid to say it: bike touring makes you a better person.

And this is where we say it.

Read about those adventures and the gear that makes it possible -- the gear we have on, BikeTrailerShop.com and BikeBagShop.com.

Submit your Bike Touring Photos

When we send a bike rack or pannier off to a customer it's always with the hope that it is going somewhere amazing -- epic.

But the accessories we sell can't take their own photos (yet). So we need you to send us photos from your bike tours to exotic locations. Send us anything from that shot of you and your bike at the top of the summit to that shot of your perfect rack and bag setup. Submit your bike touring photos here and we'll let you know when we publish them.

Jame’s Progress Report + 10% OFF BikeBagShop.com Combos!

We’re running a great special at BikeBagShop.com. All of our Bike Gear Combo discounts are 10% off thru July 7th. This is a great time to get geared up with an Ortlieb, Arkel, Jandd or Vaude package for a big summer adventure.

Talking about our sale brings to mind our BikeBagShop.com sponsered rider James Bowethorpe who is approaching the halfway point of his round-the-world by bike record breaking attempt.

It’s been very interesting keeping up with all of Jame’s trials and travails on his Blog. His journey has been both intruiging and inspiring. From the rough sides of the adventure with misadventures in Iran, battling sickness and crashing into wombats to the moments of meeting people and coming across beautiful scenery viewable on Jame’s Flikr Account.

We we’re amused by the giant stickers someone decided to slap onto the panniers we had managed to get the BikeBagShop.com logos onto. James had been riding through India during thier recent elections and someone realized (like we had) that panniers are a great billboard to send out a message with. Unfortunately, as you can see in the following picture, when james peeled off the sticker it had a detrimental effect on the adhesion of our logos. Who would of guessed that our logos had to be able to withstand getting a sticker that had sat on them for a few days in the hot Indian spring, peeled off?

Despite the misadventures, James is rding strong and making excellent progress. Have a look at the GPS tracking website, Where in The World is James.

And don’t forget to check out the great deals at Bike Bag Shop to get going on your own summer adventure!

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