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Kahlkoff E-Bike and the BONGO Bike Trailer

We recently received an electric bike from Kahlkoff USA for use in an upcoming blogging project at Commute By Bike. Getting going with the project I’ve been going through the paces getting to know all of the ebikes on my daily bike commute.

In this photo from last week, I hooked up a Large Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer, so I could pick up some of the unused end rolls from our local paper the AZ Daily Sun. These end rolls make for excellent, low cost, packing materials that seems relatively low impact.

The Kahlkoff is a great ebike with the motor built into the crank area and the battery located right above. All of the componentry on this bike are top-notch, chosen for long-lasting performance with everything you need for every-day-cycling. Look for our full review over at Commute By Bike. Also our friend Pete Prebus of Electric Bike Report is currently testing out this bike, so look for his upcoming review as well.

Even with the Kahlkoff loaded down with 40 pounds of paper (plus the 16 pound trailer) weight, the Kahlkoff rode very easily. We’re very excited to be getting into electric bikes here at the Bike Shop Hub and really think that they shine in application such as my morning commute and errand, adding an extra boost for transporting heavy loads by bicycle trailer.

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2 Responses to Kahlkoff E-Bike and the BONGO Bike Trailer
  1. Peter
    March 18, 2011 | 9:39 pm

    Nice trailer. Are those Bar Mitts on the handlebar?

    • Josh Lipton
      March 18, 2011 | 10:35 pm

      Those are Bar Mitts. review on these is coming soon as well.

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