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Summer Weehoo Sale! Weehoo Company Profile

Weehoo iGo Trailer-Cycles are now 15% off thru July 31st at Bike Kid Shop!  Want to learn more about Weehoo?  President Stephen Rodgers took some time to answer a few questions for us in order to paint a more well-rounded picture of Weehoo, its leaders, and its values.


BSH:  When was your company founded?

SR:  August 2008


BSH:  From your “About” page, I gather that your product was inspired by your twins, and wanting to experience the Colorado landscape together. How did your custom product design turn into a company with a global presence?

SR:  The product is contagious. The Weehoo iGo removes the limitations that other trailers impose on parents and children. The Weehoo iGo is liberating. The adventures truly begin again with the iGo.


BSH:  What is your company mission statement and/or philosophy?

SR:  Paraphrased, our mission statement is to encourage parents to ride with their children on real rides, rather than leaving them at home while the parent rides. The Weehoo iGo removes any excuses a parent might have for not taking their child along.


BSH:  What do you consider your biggest competitive advantage within the children’s bike trailer market?

SR:  The open design, yet secure hands free riding for the passenger allow intermittent pedaling and resting, and engaging dialogue between parent and child. Most importantly, the ride is very stable and the child can exert enough pedaling force to propel an adult without the adult pedaling. It’s so engaging we call it melt-down free riding.


BSH:  How has your product evolved through the years?

SR:  Subtle design changes have improved the weight and adjustability. However, the experience is the same as the original design.


BSH:  What would you say are your company’s top three values?

SR:  Ride more and drive less; Provide impeccable customer service; Provide engaging experiences between parent and child.


BSH:  What is something you would like your customers and potential customers to know about your company?

SR:  At Weehoo, we are all parents and avidly use our own product.



The Weehoo iGo is manufactured in Golden, Colorado and is available for purchase in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Chile, Japan, Poland, the UK, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.  For more information on the company, visit  For Weehoo iGo specs and features, visit Bike Kid Shop and buy yours on sale today thru July 31st!







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