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The Big Move

bike-shop-hub -melanie-moving-extrahwheel-forks-cropIt’s been a whirlwind over the last two weeks and the dust is just starting to clear enough for me to settle down and report on what we’ve been up to. The mountain we were up against was moving our office, inventory and shop from our crammed in shop (1000 square feet) in East Flagstaff into our much expanded shop (3700 square feet) in downtown Flagstaff.

The first week mainly involved the logistics of getting the new space set up with internet wiring, painting and shelving. The shelving was the biggest part of the project as we were setting up multiple rows of pallet shelving and rivet shelving. With Casey managing the shelving project and Frank on the wiring, everything came together right before last weekend and we were ready for the big push with all of the inventory.

Friday evening we cleared out all of our bike child trailers and bike cargo trailers from the storage box that took up the driveway in front of the old shop, loading them into a U-Haul truck. This allowed for us to get the storage box picked up and out of the way. We parked the U-Haul for the night and relaxed for the evening in anticipation of the big push over the weekend.

bike-shop-hub robin-and-josh-stacking-boxes-cropThe next morning we met at the new location to unload the first load out of the U-Hual. With the second load, we cleared out the remainder of our inventory, mainly our bike bags and bike racks as well as all of our desks, shipping tables, shipping supplies and everything in between. With the third and final load, we cleared out our shelving. Sunday morning we had gotten our entire shop into the new location and it was time to organize. Throughout the day, we sorted out as much inventory as we could onto the shelves in anticipation for being able to ship on Monday morning without skipping a beat.

Monday morning we came into the shop and resumed business as usual. It was a bit chaotic, sorting, organizing and finding stuff as we shipped, but it went as well as we could have hoped for. The week, definitely kept us busy as we hustled to try to get the inventory into a better state of organization.

At the end of the week here, with things settling into place, everyone was very glad for the weekend to arrive. It’ll be nice to see things really settle into place over the next month. Beyond getting our office and warehouse organized, the two biggest improvements ahead will be getting our products all up on display for Flagstaff customers and getting the Wandertec shop set up in the back. We anticipate all of this coming together sometime towards the end of June and having our grand opening celebration.


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    October 28, 2010 | 2:36 am

    [...] list of happenings which is no less important than the Rev Bikes success. Bike Trailer Shop has relocated to their downtown flat. I stopped by today and to call it a “big move” is apropos because their new digs be [...]

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