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Urbana Current in the Rain

I was happy with how the light contrasted the black and silver in this photo of an Urbana Current Electric Bike. Pete of Electric Bike Report has recently wrapped up his 6 week test and should have a review up on his website soon. With the bike back at our shop, we are getting underway with testing of our own. To get our test underway, first my wife who is 6 months pregnant will be riding the bike for the next 4 weeks. It seems like an ideal bike for her at the moment with the upright position and the electric boost making for an easy ride.

When setting up our test to include the Urbana as one of the 5 test bikes for the JOYBAG project, we specifically wanted a neutral colored bike if given the choice. Urbana really likes to feature bright, bold colors that show off their fun unique approach, but I think this photo demonstrates how a black frames can work well to achieve a bold statement as well.

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