Wandertec is the heart and soul of the Bike Shop Hub. The roots of Bike Shop Hub go back to the development of the Wandertec CELLO Bike Case for BOB Trailers (see the Wandertec Story). This innovative product was launched in 2004 under the Wandertec name. Though the CELLO fell by the wayside due to high manufacturing costs and a limited potential customer base, the ideas and inspiration gained through its development are the underpinnings of the Bike Shop Hub network and Wandertec manufacturing.Switching gears after the lackluster launch of the CELLO, Bike Trailer Shop was launched in 2006, and Wandertec’s resources were shifted in the direction of developing niche cycling specific webstores. Bike Bag Shop followed in 2008 and Bike Kid Shop was launched in 2010.

The ability to design and manufacture products continued to play a vital role as Bike Shop Hub grew and expanded into the 3 webstores. We began to utilize our experience with manufacturing to improve our offerings in our specialty shops. A primary focuses has been BOB Trailer accessories.

In 2009, we re-immersed into manufacturing with the introduction of the Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer. The Wandertec BONGO design came about with the ambition to create an open platform trailer that was tough, light weight and usable in a wide variety of conditions. Working together with metals craftsmen, Stuart Henderson, we launched a great new product that has become the foundation of Wandertec’s new direction.

Midway Through a Run of Wandertec BONGOs

With our move to a larger facility in 2010 and Stuart joining the Bike Shop Hub team, we are forging ahead with improvements to the BONGO and dreaming up new bike trailers, bike bags and bike racks to add to the growing line up.