BOB Trailer Accessories

Wandertec Cargo Net

Stemming from concepts and ideas originating from the development and manufacturing of the CELLO bike case, we began developing additional accessories to the BOB Trailer. With lessons learned from the CELLO, our BOB Trailer accessories are relatively simple and affordable solution to the most common challenges that come up while using a BOB Trailer. Our expertise in the BOB Trailers and accessories for it have also been extended into discovering testing and offering a variety of accessories that work with the BOB out of the box and are on offer at the Bike Trailer Shop. The variety in these accessories include bags, travel cases, kickstands, locks and more. In addition we offer all available BOB replacement parts and a variety of the 16″ sized tires and tubes.


Wandertec Cargo Net

Wandertec SAX shown with Cargo Net on a BOB Ibex Trailer

The Wandertec Cargo Net is a simple bungee cord cargo net, nicely sized for the BOB Trailer, with 8 hooks. The Cargo Net can be used in a variety of configurations for holding gear securely in the BOB Trailer. We recommend it for use with the Wandertec SAX, however it is also excellent for holding gear on its own or in combination with a BOB DrySAK, by holding both this waterproof bag in place and offering a quick stash area on top of the bag.
Wandertec Cargo Net – $11.99 –

Wandertec SAX

The Wandertec SAX is a liner for the BOB Trailer. Made from heavy duty ballistic nylon, the SAX neatly snuggles into the contours of the BOB Trailer, transforming the BOB into something akin to a car trunk for your bike. The SAX mounts to the BOB with 10 simple 1″ pieces of webbing that loops over the top rail and tuck into the 10 sliplocks. With the SAX mounted to the BOB’s toprail, the SAX is in place and ready to role.

Greenspeed Rack on BOB Yak

The SAX is really ideal for transforming the BOB to an around-the-town vehicle. The trunk like nature of this setup, makes it ideal for picking up groceries. Tossing in your bookbag and the random nick nacks of life becomes a simple task.

The SAX has also been utilized for extending the life of the BOB DrySAK. For long-distance, off-road touring, the rattling of the BOB DrySAK against the BOB Trailer can over time wear holes into the fabric. The tough fabric of the SAX offers an excellent buffer for the DrySAK in these conditions and also offers up the ability to contain small items stashed underneath the DrySAK.
Wandertec SAX – $39.99 –

Wandertec Rack Adapter Kits

While the BOB Trailer can certainly carry a respectable sized load, we kept happening across a good deal of BOB enthusiasts who had decided they needed even more capacity. The solution was to mount a standard bike rack over the wheel of the BOB. While the examples of the DIY solutions we saw worked, it usually looked unbalanced and awkward. When we came across the Greenspeed Rack, a rack designed for the rear 16″ wheel of a Greenspeed Trike, it seemed like something that could be ideally sized for the BOB Trailer.

Adapter Kit for BOB Ibex

Adapter Kit for BOB Yak

We set out figuring out how to smoothly mount this rack on a BOB. We set to work on the Wandertec Rack Adapter Kits for the Greenspeed rack, one for the Yak and one for the Ibex. This simple solution yielded a clean way to add that sometimes needed extra capacity on the BOB Trailer.

Most commonly used for just carrying more with the BOB, this rack setup is ideal for adding a racktop bag or set of panniers for items that need to be quickly accessed outside of the harder to access and organize DrySAK. For carrying long loads in the BOB, this rack offers up a nice rearward mounting point. For extra capacity on a BOB both around town and on tour, the Greenspeed Rack with Wandertec Adapter has proven to be a helpful add on.
Wandertec Rack Adapter Kits – $14 or $16 –