BONGO Bike Cargo Trailers

First introduced in the Fall of 2009, the Wandertec BONGO bike trailer was developed almost as a by-product of our intense focus from various angles on the niche of bicycle cargo trailers.

Large Wandertec BONGO Bike Cargo Trailer

This unique focus began with the development and manufacturing of the CELLO bike case (see the Wandertec Story), was transferred into online retail at Bike Trailer Shop, continued on with specialty manufacturing of BOB Trailer Accessories and was expanded upon through expert writing through our blog, Bike Trailer Blog.

With a whole lot of chatter and pondering about bike cargo trailers splashing around in our heads, it seemed like a natural progression that we set out to build the best damn bike cargo trailer.

In designing the BONGO trailer, we first considered on how we intended the trailer to be used. We wanted a bike trailer that was as flexible as possible for the widest spectrum of uses. This ruled out single-wheeled trailer designs. And while single-wheel bike trailers offer the widest use in terms of terrain, they are limited in the size of load that they are suitable for.

Hitch Arm Connection

Added to the principal of wide-scale usability, we were determined to make a bike cargo trailer that was both light and tough. We were looking for a simple, strong and light bike trailer frame design that was easy to mount a variety of boxes and carriers to. Looking around at what was already available, we were familiar with the simple design of the Carry Freedom Y-Frame and Bike Box trailers. We had also seen the this type of layout for bike trailer applied by a several Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers and showcased at Interbike. The simple bike trailer frame layout is made up of 2 straight tubes and a curved tube that intersects at an angle with the bike trailer hitch arm.

The simplicity of this design was well suited for strong, light weight materials and design. It also was uniform and flat, lending itself well for bolting on any box, bed or carrier with a flat bottom. The simplicity of the design is foundational in its layout in a way that is reminiscent of the traditional, simplicity of the diamond framed bicycle.

What we did not like about the previous applications of this elegant and minimalist approach to a bicycle trailer was the integration of the hitch arm. Other trailers fit a square tubed hitch into the larger square tube of the bike trailer frame. This design had two flaws. First, it did not allow for the trailer to be leveled. Second, a square tube inside of a square tube is generally an imprecise fit that will quite likely have rattle and a bit of slop.

Chariot Bike Trailer Hitch - Used with BONGO

With this in mind, we designed the trailer frame with a receiver for a round tube hitch arm. This allowed for a tight connection that did not rattle. It also allowed for the hitch arm’s angle to be adjusted in order to level the trailer. Along with the ability to adjust the level of the trailer, the inherent adjustability in this design allows for the additional benefits of being able to quickly remove the hitch arm for travel or storage or to pivot it into a position where it can be used as a handle, transforming the bike trailer to hand cart mode.

Currently the basic BONGO trailer is offered in a large and small size. The large size comes standard with 20″ wheels with an optional loadbed. The small come with 16″ wheels and also has an available loadbed. The Wandertec BONGO Bike Cargo Trailer is available exclusively at Bike Trailer Shop. Configure your BONGO with your choice of tires and browse our recommended extra parts and accessories. We offer the trailer without the loadbed for customers who prefer to build their own box or loadbed system or would like to utilize a molded box such as the Rubbermaid 24 Gallon Actionpacker.
Wandertec BONGO Bike Cargo Trailer Small $319
Wandertec BONGO Bike Cargo Trailer Large $329

Wandertec BONGO Trailers with Rubbermaid Boxes