BikeShopHub.com was founded in 2006 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Originally founded as BikeTrailerShop.com, we got our start by intensely focusing on the niche of bike cargo trailers, selling a broad range of bike cargo trailer as well as parts and accessories for them.

Things were going well enough that we launched our second niche focused site BikeBagShop.com in 2009, BikeKidShop.com in 2010 and BikeTechShop.com in 2011. With 4 niche sites underway, BikeShopHub.com began to emerge as the ecommerce leader in bike commuting, bikepacking, bike touring and family cycling gear.

In 2013 we relocated to Tucson, AZ to enjoy the great cycling culture and year round cycling weather. We moved into a 7000 square foot facility to support our continued growth. In 2017 and beyond we are launching into other niches of cycling products for commuting, touring and family cycling.

If you have made it to this page, you likely share our passion for cycling products. We are always looking for new ideas for products and improvements to our eCommerce platform, so please let us know what you think.

Team BikeShopHub.com
Dylan, Josh and Matt

Owner/Operator – Josh Lipton

manages the growth and vision of the BikeShopHub.com. Josh live and breathes bicycle accessories eCommerce. Having birthed BikeShopHub.com in his garage as the off-spring of an earlier project the CELLO bike case for BOB Trailers, Josh knows what is going on around here. Josh got his start racing mountain bikes and working in bike shops. Josh continues to nurture a lifelong love affair with cycling, mountain biking, bike commuting year round and going cycling with the whole family.

Sales and Products Manager – Matt Duffin

is most likely your first point of contact with us on phone and email. Matt provides expertise for all of our products. Matt takes on everything from working with vendors to putting up new products to sending out our email letters. But where Matt really packs an amazing punch are his hilarious Facebook and Twitter posts. Matt has worked in the cycling industry and e-commerce business for 10 years. Matt loves his family, his coffee, all things marketing, three-day weekends, and mountain biking.

Warehouse Manager – Dylan Cobean

is the man with a plan, a plan to manage the massive amounts of awesome cycling gear that we offer. If you got it from us Dylan probably pulled it off the truck, sorted it into the warehouse, pulled it, packed it and shipped it lovingly to you. So when you finally do order he has the plan to get it out to you bam with lighting speed. Among the things that Dylan is awesome at are bicycle touring, knowledge of fine beers, geography and web design.


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