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Getting Started:

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) provide a you with more than just data on where you've been and where you're going. A cycling GPS can provide you with elevation changes, time between waypoints, heart rate, cadence, and other useful information.

A GPS made for a car will not necessarily have the capabilities a cyclist needs. It will likely have features a cyclist doesn't need. However, many GPS models are made with dual-use in mind for both handheld and cycling. Cycling GPS systems mount to your handlebars and provide you with useful information at a glance so you can get your eyes back on the road.

Bike GPS systems come in three categories:

Bike GPS -- a.k.a. "glorified cycling computers."
These bike computers are good for training and tracking distance, speed, and location. Some even track your cadence, heart rate and elevation. But they only track what you did, and where you went. You get to look at the maps after the fact (and prove to your friends what you did). But they aren't much help for navigation; getting you where you want to go.

are all about navigation.
GPS Information - Adventure Cycling Association The models we carry are similar to GPS systems for hiking or driving, but they also have a few cycling features -- at a minimum, the ability to mount to your handlebars. The
Garmin ETrex 30 GPS has an optional speed and cadence sensor for cyclists who want to navigate and monitor their power output.

These units maps and data that is available for purchase. Some units can even use free GPS waypoint and route data such as the GPS files provided by the Adventure Cycling Association.

The Garmin Edge 800 Cycling Computer with GPS is the best of both worlds -- for many performance-tracking features, plus a touchscreen and maps for navigation.

These aren't really cycling-specific at all. They neither track performance nor help you navigate. They allow others to follow you on your journey via the Internet, and can send for emergency assistance in time of need, completely independent of cellular phone or wireless coverage. If you are on a bike tour in the middle of nowhere, these systems will give you peace of mind,

Our Brands:

SPOT GPS provides lifesaving communications technology that allows users to communicate from remote locations around the globe.

Garmin GPS products for cyclists have innovative features and designs that leverage more than 20 years of experience making navigation products for auto, outdoor, fitness, marine and general aviation.

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