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Hiplok Locks

Hiplok Locks

Getting Started:

Do you love riding bikes? If so, I am sure you are concerned about the security of your ride. Hiplok will not only keep your bike safe, it is the first lock company (that we know of) that makes wearable bike locks... no crap, you wrap them around your waist or around your shoulders!

Designed by two industrial designers in London, Hiplok is creating a new way to transport your bike lock. The days of your U-Lock strapped to your bike rack or your accordion cable lock coiled around your handlebars are over. .

Their locks are a perfect blend of security and convenience. If your friends think you're pretty Hip(ster) then we see a Hiplok in your future!

Trelock and HipLok closeouts are 40% off while supplies last.

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